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Living with Goats ...and Guineas...and Chickens

It's been about 2 weeks since we brought Sissy and Pippy home. We've had to deal with some things, but mostly it's just been fun.

The future Layers

So, chickens make me nervous. They move in weird, unexpected ways, peck at you, and make a lot of hullabaloo flapping around. My parents have chickens, so I've gotten some exposure to them in the last couple of years, but I think it's because I can't anticipate what a chicken is going to do that I don't like.

We are now goat owners! (Or maybe herders?)

We have brought the new babies home! They are bigger than I thought, but they are sweet and it really has been evident of the Lord's grace. The goats are warming up to the kids much faster than we anticipated and they are having the best time. Every time the kids walk away from the goats, the goats yell at them. So funny!

We even let a few guineas out of the coop today, to see if we would be able to get them back in tonight. Jeremy was able to get them back in, so that looks promising for our future of keeping guineas. My in-laws are here with us this weekend, visiting, and the four of us just put up some lawn chairs in front of our goat fence to watch the show.

Getting started on the farm

It all started when spring came around, and almost every time we came in from playing outside, someone had a tick on them. I've had to get 4 ticks off my baby this summer! Not to mention the ones that weren't biting yet. So far, I'm the only one that has not been bitten. And I do not handle tick bites well. Once I finally get them out, which is all kinds of stressful for me, I burn them in a little bonfire of matches. Not my finest moments, I'll admit. I have very ugly feelings toward ticks...I wonder if I should explore that?

So, what do I do to get rid of ticks? (*Cue maniacal laughter while waving a burning torch madly throughout the yard.) Guineas!

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