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Easy Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Have you ever mixed up your bread dough, and then forgotten about it? I just did that. It rose and rose, and by the time I looked at again, it was not going to rise again. Instead of throwing it out to the chickens, I decided to try for some cinnamon rolls.

It's just that time of year when I need to eat all the calories (my body does not like the idea of possibly getting cold), so I've been craving cinnamon rolls and everything else under the sun that is sweet and delicious and warm. These sourdough cinnamon rolls satisfied the cravings without hurting my health too much because they really didn't have that much sugar in them.

God Food, Good Food

I am, have been, and will be, trying to define our diet. I hesitate to even name it because I'm leaning toward calling it food. But perhaps that's not so well defined these days? Especially when you look at all the available diets.

Sourdough Crepes Recipe

Yes, I have something for you today. And you are going to want to thank me.

A Real Food Grilled Cheese

Did you think that your days of cheap, easy comfort food were over with your real food journey? Changing our diets and habits is hard, we miss our comfort foods, and sometimes we aren't prepared with soaked beans. (That may just be me.)

Sourdough - Quicker

I love my sourdough bread. Buttered and toasted, it's close to heaven. My method has served us for years, but these past few months I've been struggling. Time has been short, nights have quickly gotten too late. So finally, I acknowledged defeat. Right now, I can't do a second rise sourdough. I need something that I can get done in one day, not in two.

Sourdough Pizza Crust

Who needs some sourdough pizza in their life? You do! Everyone needs homemade pizza in their life, at the very least. But with a sourdough crust? It's so good Jeremy even loves it. And that man is PICKY.

Resurrecting Sourdough Barm

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! We certainly did. I love Thanksgiving, it really kicks off the holidays. Noemi and I are trying to get over a cold that we got from my Mom. (I just had to throw that out there because Mom feels terrible about it. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about this.)

Sourdough Pancake...Cakes!

If you have a growing batch of barm in your refrigerator that you can't keep up with, maybe you should try making some pancakes! Or use the pancake batter to make a cake of sorts.

How I do Sourdough ~ Part 4

In this post, we'll shape the dough, and bake it. And then eat! After that, we'll have to go back to Part 1. Because this bread disappears pretty quickly around my house.

How I do Sourdough ~ Part 3

Before we begin, please excuse my messy kitchen. Oh wait, you can't see it, can you? That's one of the nice things about taking pictures, you get to focus on the clean parts, and make the messy fade away. Now if only I could do this in real life...

How I do Sour Dough ~ Part 2

When we left off, our barm was fed and sitting on the counter. After a few hours, when we open the bowl we find a bubbly mess. This shows the barm is active and ready to be used. Yay!

How I do Sourdough ~ Part 1

Sourdough is amazing. And now I'm going to talk about cows.

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