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Around the Farm ~ Spring

I took a week off after Easter. I wish I could say I did something huge, but I didn't. I just rested. Read a book. And slept quite a bit. So, I figured I'd start back with a little up-date with the happenings around the farm yard! (And by the way, doesn't our front yard look like the perfect place for a milk cow? We'll have goat milk, I know, but...BUTTER. Not anytime soon, one day, I'd really like to make some of my own butter.)

Inexpensive Garden Fence

One of the things I needed to do for my garden's potential success was to put a fence around it before the chickens ate all of my new plants up. (They've done it before, dadgum chickens.) We had several t-posts laying around, so I decided to get my fence started. I didn't want to ask Jeremy to do one more thing for me since he's already done a lot here lately. I figured Gideon and I could figure this out.

The Greenhouse that Jeremy Built

Several days ago, I bought Quinn's Homestead Management Binder sheets. (They are lovely, by the way! And it's not an affiliate link!) I particularly wanted the Seed Sowing Schedule. You can customize it, so that the dates are reflective of your last frost date. I put our's in, which is April 8, and it showed...that I'm totally late.


But also, no big surprise for those who know me.

The Clothesline that Jeremy Built

Who would have ever thought writing a post about a clothesline would be so hard! I keep starting it and then starting over again and again. I can't decide how to say exactly what this clothesline means to me.

Sunny & Hens

Since we reduced our flock of chickens, our hens and now two roosters are turning into a nice little flock. Sunny is in charge of the hens though. And he is a good rooster. He takes care of his ladies.

A Goat Milking Stand that Jeremy Built

When Jeremy clipped the goats' hooves by straddling said goats and bending over said goats' back-end, he decided it was time to build a milking stand.

I'm not really sure why.

Culling Roosters

This post contains some graphic pictures of roosters, just a heads up!

We did it. We culled our roosters. It was sad. We did keep Sunny, and we also kept my Rock rooster, because he's so pretty. I hope he'll behave himself.

Picking a Rooster

In our quest to cull our flock of roosters, we've been doing an experiment to get an idea about which rooster the hens prefer. Because each one of us wants a different rooster. And we can't decide which one to keep.

Collecting Eggs & Making Breakfast

First thing this particular morning, I put on some breakfast of soft-boiled eggs and grits. While they were cooking, I left Jeremy and the kids to go feed the animals. I put on my cute, new barn boots, (thanks to my in-laws!) and headed out across the front yard.

How to Deal with an Introvert Goat

Poor Pippy. She's an introvert goat.

Eowyn's Chicken Chores!

Eowyn needed something to do this weekend, so I sent her out to the chicken coop to clean out the nesting boxes and lay down some more hay. She was excited about making new nests for the hens, and she did a really good job.

Homesteading Goals for 2015

Jeremy and I had the talk. You know, the talk where I go on and on about the many things we need to do yesterday, and he calms me down and we logically come to a compromise on how we are going to grow our homestead next year.

Too Poor to Paint!

In doing a bit of research for our next farm project, I found out there is an old saying that goes "Too proud to whitewash, too poor to paint!" Well, we AREN'T too proud to whitewash, and we ARE too poor to paint, so our next project is whitewashing!

Our First Egg!

The kids caught one of our chickens laying an egg! They have finally started giving back, and our homestead is producing some food. It's going to be so fun to add egg collecting to our daily chores. And even better to quit buying eggs.

Useful Christmas Gifts

Goat Wrangling

Twice in the past week, I've had to wrangle the goats back into their fence. Twice! They like to get out after they've eaten and while the chore person is looking the other way.

Around the farm in the fall

The other day, Jeremy and I (and Esmond) explored the property we live on. Jeremy was actually trying to walk me into labor, but that didn't work.

The older kids were running around too, but they have their own haunts to play in. We walked around taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Building some Walls

The weather is starting to cool off, and Jeremy had a couple days at home (when he was supposed to be helping deliver the baby, but we all know that's not happening!) so he decided to put up the walls to our goat room on our garage-turned-barn.

Who Done It?

This is the response I got from the chickens when I asked them. They look guilty to me!

Birds of a feather....

Our birds have begun calming down! At least, as far as 24 birds can calm down. They wander all over our front yard, and the guineas even wander in the horse pasture behind our house. But come evening time, when we walk out the front door, they all gather around and escort us to the garage-turned-barn. In the mornings, we let them out after the goats have finished eating. Otherwise, the chickens will jump on the goats' backs and try to get into their food bowl.

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