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New Things...

Two big things this week! One, the FREE printable meal planner for preserved foods (I really wish I could come up with a shorter name!) was huge and took a ton of brain power. Made my head hurt actually. But number TWO is just as exciting, at least to me! (And it also made my head hurt.)

Why the Classical Method of Education

In my last post, I explained what the classical method is. In a nutshell, it's memorizing, understanding, and finally doing or explaining. We use this method every time we want to study something, although nowadays we often leave off the memorization stage. We have dictionaries, spell check, or we just happen to be rather clever and can guess well. (I'm one of those.) The problem with forgetting the memory work is that we... forget.

The Classical Method of Education

What is a classical education? Or what is the classical method of education? I tell and explain things best in examples or analogies, so here it goes! (And I know this is very simplistic, but it makes the big picture, small.)

Latin & Greek to Me

I've looked at different Greek and Latin curriculum, and I haven't found anything that followed the classical method a closely as I'd like. And the other thing is, I've studied and taught Greek so I don't really feel like I need help in that area. As for Latin, I can learn it without too much trouble. One of my goals in our homeschool is for me to be the teacher. Meaning, I teach the lessons, make up the work, and use curriculum as I see fit. I've used scripted material, and while that's fine, it takes some of the joy out of learning for me and my kids. So that's what I'm doing with Latin and Greek. Those and history are the easiest subjects for me. I'm learning math, and I'll start learning science next.

How to Make History Notebooks

I love what we are doing for history this year, and I think it's versatile enough to use for all of the elementary years.

Classical Conversations with a Newborn

She's so pretty.

Art Studies

Kind of like our Hymn Studies, this year I've pieced together some art studies that have been great. It's very laid back and mostly free. The kids have loved it, and I hope they are learning a little art appreciation.

Hymn Studies

First thing in the morning, we work on our morning meeting. This has been a wonderful time; the kids love it. We learn about truth, beauty, and virtues. Part of our morning is singing a hymn and studying it together.

Our Reading List for 2014-15

In the years past, I always lined up our reading list with our CC history sentences, but that has usually resulted in half-read books, and books that aren't always classics. So in my schooling revelations this summer, I realized I don't want to do that anymore, and I also don't want to read historical fiction and the like for school time. (Once the kids start reading on their own time, they can read almost anything they like.) There are so many classics that I don't want to spend time not reading the classics. So this list is made up from several good or great book lists, but with only American authors. Since we are studying American history this cycle, I'm tying our literature list into our history with the authors. I've tried to come up with works that were written in or were written about the time periods we'll be covering, although not necessarily about the history sentences, just about life in general. So these are loosely chronological.

Perception of Truth

How do I want the kids to see Truth? As absolute, or indefinite, changeable, and incomplete? God is absolute, and all Truth comes from Him. I want the kids to have that security, to know the Truth, that what is True cannot be changed, or altered, and that what is True has evidence everywhere and in everything, but can still be mysterious. It must be found out, and searched for. And most importantly, what sounds True sometimes isn't. Real Truth can always be put to trial, so to speak, and will not waver.


I have to start thinking of math as another language to study, one that is universal and uses different symbols for its written communication. And then I have to be excited about it. Hmm.


When I left off, I was talking about our CC group. Now back to my revelations on schooling this summer. We typically do three 12 week sessions, one in the fall, one in the winter, and then another in the summer. Our summer session is mostly math and reading. I don't know if this schedule will always work for our home, but it has the last few years. We need breaks after CC, but by the middle of summer break, we're ready to stay inside for a couple of hours because it's so hot outside. So we school. During the summer, I also get ready for the coming fall session. This summer, I've been doing lots of reading, and like I said, have been convicted and am willing to change accordingly. I think God is working to redeem our homeschool, and that's exciting.

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