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Baby Essentials

I have a few new things and a few old things that I love and wanted to share. Babies don't need a ton of things, but some make life a little easier.

Christmas Pictures...

I love Christmas pictures. I mean, it's only the second most stressful thing, right? Ha!

Broken Babies and The Glorious God

We made it out alive, both of us. She lived through the whole pregnancy and we both survived the birth. Both reasons to praise because neither felt guaranteed.

Living Grief

Grief alive is hard to deal with. It's even harder to share. Mostly because it doesn't look like it's expectation, I think. I don't even know what the expectations are, and yet I feel like I'm not living up to them.

Understanding Fertility

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When Jeremy and I got married, I was on birth control. You know, the kind that wreaks havoc on your hormones and emotions and body. I was on it for about 10 months before Jeremy and I decided it wasn't working for us.

Simplifying House Chores

Chores outside are fun, and everyone in my house fights over who gets to do them, but indoor chores are not met with the same enthusiasm. Mostly because there aren't any crazy chickens trying to land on your shoulders while you're making the bed.

How to Use Cloth Diapers like Your Life Doesn't Depend on It

Sorry, that's a really long title there, but there are several things I want to cover in this post, and that kind of encompasses all of them. Let's begin!

Coconut Oil to the Rescue!

Poor Noemi, under all those beautiful, shaggy locks of hair, she had cradle cap. Each of my babies had it, actually. But they've also all had a lot of hair, so it's always covered up. It bothers them, though. Noemi's head was itchy.


Liturgy prevents us from thinking of ourselves as an island. It gives us unification; it makes us declare "us" and not "me." I won't compare liturgy to individual worship because a proper balance of both is really the only good way to worship. But today we dedicated Noemi to the Lord at church, and the liturgy of it spoke to my heart.

Coconut Oil and Nursing?

I've nursed for more than 6 years total. You'd think my "nursers" (as we call them around here) would be tough as nails by this point. But nooo!

An Unclean Woman

Getting back to normal as quickly as possible after having a baby is the goal of most moms these days. Getting back into those jeans, exercising, and regular routines. Of course, few take into account that the normal we knew before the baby was born is never going to be our normal again. (And the new normal takes about 6 months to feel normal!)

Born in Laughter

With each of my pregnancies, I've been given a word for each baby. Eowyn's was freedom, Gideon's was purposed, Esmond's was protected, and Noemi's was happy. I feel like each word is a gift from God, and because of that, we choose names based around those words. It's hard to find names that mean those exact words, so we have had to improvise some. But the words are what I truly believe give meaning to the names and have meaning for each of my kids.

Best Birth EVER!

Well, let me tell you, this did not go as planned or expected. At least not according to my plans. We think God had a huge hand in making this happen the way it did. A previous pattern of long labors set me up to believe differently! And even the labor part was pretty close to my pattern. What was completely different was transition and pushing. And it was awesome.

How to Prepare for Baby #4!

Only a little more than a week until my due date now! Wahoo!

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