The Pig Sty

We've gotten our new pigs, but we're wanting them to do some work for us in the midst of growing some of our meat. Plus, Jeremy likes pigs to stay contained since they can make a mess everywhere they go.

We've been watching some of Justin Rhodes videos on Youtube. He uses electric netting to contain pigs and chickens. The area they are in is then tilled up while they work the ground. We haven't had good luck mixing chickens and pigs (our last pigs ate our chickens alive). So we've decided to let the pigs till the ground in their own electric netting and the chickens work the ground in their chicken tractor.

This is our second batch of chickens and we're enjoying it. We like the meat, it's not too much work, and it's over quick. Not bad at all.

The chickens are doing wonderful things to our future garden soil, but we also want the pigs to really get deep into the soil. Plus they'll root up all the grass and weeds. I've been working out plans for using the pigs while gardening too. But this year, the pigs are just amending the soil.

We trained the pigs to the electric fencing by putting them in the fence inside our fence with some cattle panels up on the other side. They needed to learn not to run through the fence, just to back away from it. They were pretty quick learners, but they came from a farm that used electric fencing, so it wasn't a brand new thing for them.

We left them in there for several days and didn't have any problems with the pigs. Everyone else (cows and goats) were a bit curious and had to get shocked several times. Jeremy locked all of them up in the barn for the big move today.

Jeremy built our pig shelter on skids he made so that we (he and Gideon) could drag it around. I thought it looked easy enough.

We also got a barrel and put a couple of water nipples on it so that their water is accessible but mobile and big enough that they can't knock it over.

Pigs follow food, no matter what, so it was very easy to move them into the new setup. I'm glad I wasn't leading them, they make me nervous. Most of the time I have on my sandals and I know they are eyeing my toes.

We'll leave them on this piece of land until they've torn it up and then move them onto another square. And then again.

It was HOT out there today. Elinor and I were sweaty! But she didn't complain unless I tried to leave her in the house to nap.

Now we're cooling off, although Jeremy's calling. He wants us to help work on the goats.

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  1. Tasty and useful - that's awesome! Your baby is growing!!! She looks like her big brother:-)


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