We Did a Thing

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

We're in love. And a little in over our heads.

We did a thing yesterday. We can't believe we did it, but there's a new sound out in the barn that proves we did.

Meet Irene:

and Curdie: 

Irene is a 3 month old Jersey heifer and Curdie is a week old Jersey/Holstein cross bull.

We picked them up on Sunday afternoon and brought them home. The goats are appalled, of course, and Leeli didn't love them like we do. We'll work on all those relationships later. Right now we're establishing healthy babies by bottle feeding them. Which is so fun. We could use 2 more bottle babies to prevent the fights that happen between the kids since everyone wants to feed them, but oh well.

Also on Sunday, we brought home the meat chickens. Ack! Our little homestead just became a lot more real.

So no more sleeping in for me and the kids. Jeremy got us up at sunrise to take care of the animals altogether. This is going to be fun.

I was pretty good, although I did pitch one fit. I had my coffee outside, still haven't said my prayers, or brushed my teeth, but I did need to start getting up earlier anyway. The first few days will be an adjustment and I will definitely need to work on my morning attitude. Poor kids!

But they are so beautiful and I'm so excited! Just say a prayer or two for me if you think about it.

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  1. Woohoo! How fun! And so good for your munchkins. They will be better adults for the caring of these babes. "Mom, you just drink your coffee. We've got it covered." 😊
    Blessings to you and your crew.


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