The Living Room

We got the living room cleaned up after Christmas and I found a beautiful, big, new-to-us rug, so I snapped some pictures while it looked like people don't live here.

The rest of the time it looks like people do school, eat, and lounge in here. Also, they seem to change clothes quite often in here. Even if they do have bedrooms to change in. Ahem.

We haven't concentrated a lot of energy in here yet, but this is what it looked like before we painted it. We've basically only worked to make it liveable so far, but we've got plans to make it better. That peach color didn't work at all for me, and last year I had to get it painted before I could put up a tree for Christmas. So we did that.

And it just so happened at the same time that I found an amazing deal on Craigslist for a really nice leather couch and loveseat that we had to get. We got them both for $250!

The plans for this room include beadboard and beams on the ceiling, a new light fixture of course, and a built-in TV cabinet. I haven't quite decided what other kinds of seating we'll need. It's not a huge room, and we need lots of seats. I've thought about two loveseats with the couch, a sectional with either two chairs or the couch, or maybe something I haven't even thought of yet. But for just our family to be able to sit in there we need 7 seats now. We'll figure it out. For now, we've got the couch and two armchairs plus the rocker. And thankfully, some of our people are little enough to share seats.

Our piano was left in the house when we bought it, which we are so very thankful for. We love having it. Jeremy and Eowyn especially like to play with it every once in a while. Eowyn and Gideon are learning to read music at our homeschool co-op.

Also, notice the hole in our ceiling. That was Esmond's foot. Punk kid. There's also a little peek into the school room in these pictures. The plan has been to eventually open that doorway into some french doors, but now I'm thinking about opening it even further to make the living feel a bit bigger.

I found the mirror at an antique store and I loved it.

The other big thing we've done in here is to put in gas logs. This fireplace had one of those gold and glass covers over the top and was a wood fireplace. But none of our chimneys are lined so burning wood is a little dangerous. We needed some more heating though, so in went the gas logs and they are wonderful. It came with a remote so all I have to do is push a button and we have a cozy, warm living room and school room. The heat will also go upstairs to heat the kids' rooms. The back of the house is still pretty cold though.

Since we got our library shelves built, I was able to thin out the books on these shelves. I like having space. So we just put the pretty books in here and a few of my things that were packed away.

Then, a couple weeks ago, my Mom and I went to the Christian Ministries because everything in the store was 50% off. And we found this beautiful, huge rug! I got it for $75, can you believe it? And I love it. The colors are so wonderful, it matches my curtains (which I got off of Craigslist last year) and it's huge. We love it.

It's nice and thick too, so Elinor has a soft place to hang out occasionally. See her?

That same day I found the oval mirror for $1. The magnolia print I found last year at an antique store. I love magnolias and I love botanical prints. The vases aren't permanent, but they fill in some space for now. I haven't worked up the bravery to hang things on the wall yet. I need to know what's going to be in there first.

The rocker was another item left in the house. It's the old kind of wicker and the front needs to be fixed. It also needs some new fabric on the seat, but the green on the back is probably original and is beautiful.

And just to reward you for looking at all those pictures of my living room, here's Elinor. She's just so pretty.

I love having a new baby and just staring into those gorgeous eyes.


  1. What a lovely room and beautiful baby girl. Don't you love nuzzling into those soft chubby cheeks?


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