Working on the House

Work has begun again on this old house! And it feels so good!

Jeremy is working away at the bathroom. The plumbers came and rough plumbed the bathroom and laundry room/mud room. Then the job fell back to Jeremy to put down the floor (we have a floor in there now!), wire both rooms, take care of the windows, build the wall, and maybe some other things. The plumbers will come back when he is finished to do some more plumbing things.

Meanwhile, I've been working on my own things this summer. We finished (well, sort of) the kids' rooms upstairs, but didn't finish the dormer room. I'm growing another little someone and we wanted to wait to see what the baby is before we paint up there. The dormer room will turn into either Eowyn or Gideon's room instead of the reading/playroom we were originally planning. Plus, I'm not really supposed to do much painting right now, so I've changed my attention to the downstairs school room.

The kids slept in here for our first year but now it's empty (well that took quite a bit of work too) and ready to become it's intended. I've planned built-in bookshelves for two of the walls and, of course, to take down the paneling, but I always start at the top and work my way down.

So to the ceiling, we go! I started scraping off the popcorn, which is the messiest and ugliest job. It feels so good when it's done, but I complain the whole time. It probably only took me 3 hours to scrape the whole thing though. I can only work in little increments of time because I'm out of shape and holding your arms above your head and moving them is exhausting.

And plus, since I was in the room by myself, I had to come out to whine to Jeremy every 15 minutes or so. He was dripping with sweat while lifting, carrying, and cutting huge floorboards, but he still needed to know how hard I, too, was working.

He commiserated with me.

After scraping, it was time to sand. Another job I hate. I even got a blister. But I did have a little fun in between because I needed to sand all under the crown molding. So I found Jeremy's crowbar and had a little fun. Every piece I got down, I would give a little holler of triumph. I didn't break any that I needed to keep. Woohoo!

So then back to sanding. Which is not nearly as satisfactory. Or as quick. But I'm almost done with that and then I'll have to clean up the mess.

And then I can start using the crowbar again!

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  1. Well first of all, congrats!!!! Wishing you a healthy term and quick and easy delivery (one can wish right?). Then yay. Doesn't it feel good to see huge projects starting to come together? Can hardly wait to see the 'after' pictures.


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