New Animals on the Farm

Our friends, over at Farm Life Outfitters, had some piglets, so we bought a couple to put in the fence. Honestly, it was a little nerve-wracking. I knew the fence was goat-proof and goatling-proof, which can be a miraculous feat in and of itself, but was it pig-proof? And if they got out, there was going to be no way we would be able to catch them. They are fast! And they really are scared of us.

We let them out in the barn, to which the goats acted like we'd let rats out. Addy jumped straight up in the air when she saw them move and ran right out. The piglets ran from us and walked the whole fence line. We followed them all around the fence. (And when I say 'we,' I mean us and the goats.)

Let me tell you something, pigs are hilarious. They are the funniest animals I've ever had, which is saying something when you've had chickens and guineas. They are terrified of us and sprint off anytime we get close, but then stop suddenly if they see any food. They didn't care a twit about the goats. The goats were following them with us and trying to get a little sniff. But the pigs ignored them completely.

These piglets are American Guinea Hogs so they won't get huge. It'll be a good start for us. We're calling them Bacon and Sausage. They've tripled in size since we got them. And they've gotten a little less terrified. Well, only if you have food near you. If you don't have food, they won't come close. But I got to pet them the other day while they were eating. It totally annoyed them, but there was food in front of them, so they were pretty much stuck.

You can hear them before you can see them, they grunt everywhere they go. Noemi would say, "The pigs are stinky, they are tooting." She's so funny.

Then a few weeks later, we found a Great Pyrenees puppy for sale. We picked her up December 9th and she is just the cutest cotton ball we've ever seen. We named her Leeli, from some our favorite books called The Wingfeather Saga.

Jeremy didn't want a dog, he said. He definitely didn't want a dog in the house. He was grumpy going to pick her up, but then he got her home. And this is how I found him.

The first night Jeremy we couldn't stand the thought of putting her out in the barn. So we kept her in a kennel in the house. And not a one of us got any sleep that night. It was awful. She yelped all night, and whenever she would finally go to sleep someone in the house would get up to go to the bathroom and she would start again.

So the second night, she went out to the barn. That next morning, the goats came out looking like they could really use some coffee. Poor things. But she's adjusted to life her now. The fence is not puppy-proof, although we've figured out where she was getting out and will be fixing that. Hopefully, then she'll quit showing up on my front porch.

The goats were terrified when we first introduced them to her, but the pigs were kind of fascinated. I think they thought she might either have food or be food so they had to check her out. Gideon takes Leeli for a walk around the fence every day and any time the kids are out playing, she's tagging along with them. She's calm, sweet, and very watchful. We love her.

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  1. Ha! That's great. Pigs grow so fast; it's crazy. Leeli will be as good for the kids as for the critters. She's a cutie.


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