Living in the Room

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I was sitting in the living room looking at the peach walls and trying to wrap my head around Christmas decorations. In the bright peach room. And it made me almost want to cry.

Christmas colors. the reds and greens and golds and silvers, were going to look tacky against those peach walls. This distressed me greatly. (I was mostly disappointed because I had planned on already having the living room done before Christmas. But then money and time got in the way and we didn't have either to work on the living room.)

I told Jeremy about my disappointment, and brilliant man that he is, he suggested we go ahead and paint the walls. We already had the paint; it was left over from painting our bedroom. I was planning on painting the walls the Alabaster white anyway. But I have other plans in this room, like redoing the ceiling that made me think we shouldn't do anything until we could do it all.

But who knows when we'll be able to do it all? And the peach walls were kind of driving us both crazy. So we decided we would paint the walls before we put up our Christmas decorations. With that plan in action, for some reason, I decided to check out Craigslist.

Our plans for the living room included a leather couch. Only, we can't afford a new leather couch. So periodically, I would scan Craigslist to see what was available. And this scan produced some promising results. I found a leather couch and a loveseat that looked pretty nice for $225. I had just gotten a paycheck from a temporary job that would cover the cost. I emailed the listing to Jeremy to see what he thought, not really thinking anything. But then he called and he loved them. He told me to see if we could go get them that night. It worked out with the seller so Jeremy and a couple of his friends rode about an hour away to get our 'new' couch and loveseat. I was so excited when they got them home because they are nice, like the good kind of leather and really well built. We got an amazing deal on these. (And I was able to sell one of the chairs and our old couch for $100 so that brought the price down even more!)

Now fast forward a couple of weeks to the beginning of December. We still had not painted, but a Saturday opened up and we got it done. In one day! It was a little crazy and very exhausting, but we did it. The kids and I taped off the windows so I could paint the trim, and thankfully that only took one coat (also in the Alabaster in semi-gloss by Sherwin Williams). I like painting trim first so that I don't have to worry about cutting in. Plus, I knew that peach was going to need lots of paint to cover it up. Cutting in with a brush never covers as well as rolling, so this way the walls would get three coats on the perimeters. The windows, with their beautiful extra woodwork, were a pain to tape off and paint, but it was worth it.

After the trim dried for about 4 hours, Jeremy and I started in on the walls. I cut in, and he rolled. Since we plan on redoing the ceiling, we didn't worry about cutting in the top of the walls. He just rolled right up to the crown molding. That was definitely easy. Of course, the peach needed two coats to cover up. So we let the first coat dry for a few hours before tackling the second. We finished out the bucket of paint right at the end, so that was perfect.

The kids played outside or sat in the middle of the room on the piled furniture and watched movies. We painted right up until bedtime. We cleaned up the room but left the furniture in the middle to let the paint dry overnight.

In the morning, we moved the furniture into place. It was like a nice white canvas just waiting to be decorated. I'm slowly adding things; I found some curtains on Craigslist that we picked up, and hung with some rods from Target. (The most expensive thing on those is the clips! I should have searched for them online, but I thought I'd found the best price at Lowes. Our Lowes didn't carry the ones I'd found online.) I love the blue color of the curtains. I'm still looking for some chairs to replace the ones we have, but I did order a rug and I picked up some lamps from Ikea with Christmas money. So it's coming together. I've been saving some money to spend on the chairs, but I can't figure what kind of chairs to get. Plus, it's kind of hard to find two chairs the right size on Craigslist. Which is another story we'll get to later.

{Ok, quick explanation about the pictures: This room is very dark, so it's tough to get a decent picture, The front window is facing the porch, and the other window faces to the north. So taking pictures is tough. I took several sets, but only tried to clean it up the first time. I gave up cleaning the room on the second time, so the third time has a mess of toys on the floor. It's not a bad mess, I'm not saying that, because we all know what a bad mess looks like, but it's there so I took a picture of it too.}

We've also been looking for a corner cabinet that's big enough to fit the TV for this corner, but that's another tall order. So we've decided to build a cabinet in this corner for the TV and hopefully make it look like a built-in.

I can't wait for the rug to get here, and I really can't wait to find some chairs. Then I need some art or pictures for the walls, some mantle decor, pillows, and the list keeps going. One thing at a time, y'all. But I guess it is about time to take down the Christmas decorations. My tree is looking pretty sad. Tomorrow is Epiphany anyway.


  1. Oh, it's beautiful! I love love love that front window. And it looks so rich with the blue of the curtains. (Much better than peach😉). I also actually like the pix of the toys. It's a happy pix.

  2. Very nice!!! I know the arduous task of settling into a "new" home and wanting to get projects done before a certain date and time. Thankfully, I didn't have to paint walls... but, TV cabinet (replace) and curtains (for the whole house) weigh heavy on my heart.

    Lovely inspiration here today!


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