Ding Dong The Barn is DONE!

Such a relief! The barn is done. We can finish moving everything over, including the animals and we won't be stretched between two places anymore! Praise be to the Lord!

We built a 20 x 32 foot pole barn. It's so big! We built it from the ground up, set every post, drilled every screw, painted every side, even laid the roof, and built, stained, and hung the huge doors. It's been exhausting, but we are so excited to be done!

Let's see, the last you heard from me, we were putting up the trusses (or letting them fall). So let's see, what have we done since then?

We got all the trusses up, with some help from family. We bought the trusses off of Craigslist for a really good price. When you buy things for a really good price, that generally means you are going to have to work for the money you saved. And we did. These were about 2 hours away, a few spots had to be reinforced, and they were covered in nails that had to be pulled out. But we saved quite a bit of money, and they worked out well.

We got some walls and siding up, with some more help from family. Jeremy sistered 2x4s together to build all the walls. The siding is T1-11 boards. We did consider metal siding, but then the cost difference caused us to change our minds.

We got the roof up, again with a little help from family. Gabe helped Jeremy get it started, and then Jeremy and I finished it. I was scared to death, but we got it. The sheets had to be shoved all the way up there while we were precariously balanced on ladders, and then I had to hold them while Jeremy screwed them in. Terrifying. And the sheets had really sharp edges that cut us.

Then we had to set some more posts for the doors and frame out the doors. Each 4x4 post was set with a half of a bag of cement in a very deep hole. The doors were framed with 2x6s sistered together for the header. The walls around were built by sistering the 2x4s again.

We set down footers and finished the walls. Gideon, Jeremy, and I worked to finish the walls as a team. Jeremy did the cutting, while Gideon and I did the measuring and the drilling. We didn't dig out the footers too much and followed the line of the ground (which wasn't perfectly level). We used treated 2x6s for the footers to keep the rot away from the siding. Jeremy had put up the big sheets on the top of the walls so that we only had to measure and cut little pieces on the bottom. (If we ever do run into rot problems, these smaller pieces will be easier to replace.)

Then the doors. These doors are monsters. He wanted the barn doors big enough to drive through, so they are 8 feet by 8 feet. Huge! And heavy. When he started building the third door, I started thinking about how we were going to be using the doors. The back doors will be open during the day so the animals can get into the barn. And the front doors will be closed because the barn is part of the fence. I thought about how much nicer it would be to see through the barn during the day even though we don't have any windows. So I suggested we do the front doors as Dutch doors. He came around fairly quickly. It wasn't too much harder after all.

We decided to paint the barn white and stain the doors dark brown. The T1-11 is like a man in a desert though. It drinks up paint and stain like it's dying of thirst! We used Valspar barn and fence paint from Lowes and are pretty pleased with it. (We used Tractor Supply's barn paint for the first coat and it was really thin.) We went through 12 gallons. And the doors, we stained with a deck stain also from Lowes.

We built it with plans to expand later. We're going to add 10 feet sides to each long side of the barn. That's why our roof is so high. It's 10 feet high so that the sides can come off at 8 feet high. But that will happen later, as money becomes available. But for now, it's done. For now, the animals will have a safe haven to live in. We moved our solar fence over and put it inside the fence area so that Jeremy can build the rest of the fence around it while the animals are here. Now we just gotta figure out how in the world we're going to move 5 goats and a dozen chickens over here. That will be interesting!

I've got to find my camera battery charger so that I can take some more pictures, but I'm not sure where I unpacked it. Or if I did unpack it.

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  1. It looks fantastic you all did an amazing job. I love those barn doors too!


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