Goatlings on the Farm

I love having goatlings, they are absolutely the best! They are so cute and sweet, and they frolick everywhere they go.

Pippy was due starting on April 18. Of course, the buck had been with her for 3 weeks and we weren't sure when they actually did the deed, so we weren't sure really when to expect the babies. She was big on the 18th, so we kind of thought it would be sooner than it was. But she just kept getting bigger, grumpier, and bigger again.

Last year, she had 2 pretty big girls, and at first, we thought she only had two but as she kept growing we started to think maybe there were three.

We worked on the new house all day on Wednesday, and got home around 6 that evening to get some dinner. When we pulled up, Jeremy got out of his truck and said the goats didn't come out of their room. It made him think something was going on. So he and I hurried across the yard to see. Addy came out to see what was going on, and then Pippy stuck her head of the door. I thought, she looks a lot thinner!

And inside the room, we found three freshly born goatlings. They were already moving around and pretty well cleaned up. Pippy had already delivered the placenta too. So I ran in the house to get the iodine. I washed their cords in that, fed Pippy, and helped the babies to nurse. And cleaned up the mess of birth.

Last year, Pippy wasn't too interested in staying still for the babies to nurse, but one of those kids was so tenacious that she literally just chased Pippy around the room until Pip finally stood still. So I was a little worried that Pippy might do the same. And these babies are quite a bit smaller than her two from last year.

But I got everyone to nurse and locked them up so they could be alone. My kids only get a look on day one.

But by day 2, it's on. We spend around 30 minutes in the mornings playing and frolicking with the goatlings out in the yard while Pippy gets some green grass. She's doing well, and everyone is pooping (a lot) so that means they are eating well. Today they really started using their legs and jumping. My kids got a kick out of showing them how to jump. They all look very similar, but only one has brown ears, The other two have speckled. All are light brown with white spots on one side. Two are boys. We were hoping for two girls to replace Sissy and Belle, but we only got one. We'll just trust that this is right.

Anyway, here they are!

Grace, the one we'll be keeping. She's such a sweetie, we're so thankful we got at least one girl. (Even thought she's pooping here.)

Gregor, named for our one buckling from last year. He's the easiest to pick out with his brown ears.

And Kipper. I'm not sure why he's Kipper, or why the kids didn't find another G name, but there it is.

Pippy is doing great, making lots of milk. The kids keep asking when we're going to start drinking it, but we're going to leave her to nurse the babies this go round. She wouldn't make enough milk for our family, and she hates being milked anyway. We'll wait until we have two goats to milk again before we start up milking again.

Now we just get to play with the babies.

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