The Floor Plans

I started writing about the things we got done this weekend on the house, but I realized I needed to share the plans first so you can see where I'm going. We've got a lot to do! (Here's the news about our new homestead, in case you missed it!)

We can't work on the farm part yet since the farmer has to harvest his crops before we can do that, so right now we're turning our attention inside the house. Here's the floor plan as it is (although, there is a doorway in between the stair hall and mudroom):

The living room and front bedroom are pretty self-exclamatory. I do have plans to put in french doors between those two rooms and turn the closet around to the master, but otherwise, those two just need some beautifying. I also want to put french doors going into the dining room. Those three rooms will be fairly simple I think.

You'll notice the two bathrooms in the back of the house. Those were obviously added in sometime in the past 30-50 years or so. The laundry room was also added then. It's also pretty obvious the mudroom was a porch that they enclosed, so now there is a small room behind the master. The master had a window facing that porch that they closed over with shelves.

Our plan is to put the new laundry closet and the new master bath into that extra room. And that's the first thing we're doing. So the new floor plan will look kind of like this:

The original laundry closet will become a nice pantry, and I'm going to combine the two original bathrooms into one big bathroom for the kids. There are three rooms upstairs, two with closets that will be the kids' bedrooms and one without a closet that will be reading/play room for them. The bedrooms are kind of small so having the extra space for hanging out and playing will be really nice.

These plans are obviously not to scale, so take it with a grain of salt. But it's the overall idea. (It took me forever to configure the whole thing on the computer, so I'm not changing it now! I much prefer sketching these things out with paper and pencil.) We decided to go ahead and do the new bathroom first so that we'll have that bathroom when we go to change everything else. I think the master will probably be getting close to finished before we move in too because of the mess we're making to get the wall opened to the new bathroom. I'm a one room at a time type of remodeler, but while Jeremy is working on the bathroom, I can do the bedroom.

That's where we are and where we are trying to get. Next post I'll show you how we got started and what we found under the paneling in our bedroom.


  1. Congrats on finding your dream home! What an encouragement after a rough start to the year. I really love the process of planning and drawing things out on paper...and can't wait to see how these things take shape for you. Definitely a good move on the pantry! As we are keeping our eyes open for our future dream country home, that pantry is a must!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to have that big pantry, I haven't ever had one and it'll be so wonderful to have a place to put our food. I pray you find your dream home soon!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You seem excited!!!

    Charlotte Moore


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