Still Demolishing

So "Demo Day" is misleading. It's more like Demo Weeks. And the Fixer Upper show just shows the fun parts, the boys have been pretty appalled at the mess that they have to clean up after the fun.

But, boy, have they had fun during the demo.

Isn't that the cutest picture? Right after, we told them they should probably move a little further apart.

No one was hurt, even though they were swinging hammers and crowbars left and right in the small space that will be my our bathroom. (Ahem.) But the boys got to take action on the sheetrock and they broke that sheetrock into as many teeny tiny pieces as they could.

And then we said, alright, clean it up! Remodeling has lots of good lessons in it.

We have gotten the bathroom and mudroom ceiling and walls cleared off, as well as all the paneling off the walls in the master. It's coming, we've almost torn down enough that it'll be time to start rebuilding.

The ceilings in what used to be an enclosed porch were bead board, but we couldn't save them. Unfortunate, but what we found underneath the bead board made it worthwhile. The rafter beams are in good shape, but the ceiling joists are in need of some repairs. So it's good we're finding these things now and fixing it up. The beams used to build this house are amazing to see anyway. They are rough cut and in unusual sizes. You can even see a branch in one of the beams!

The bead board in the master is beautiful. The walls look so tall! I have even scraped off the popcorn ceiling, which is just about the messiest job known to man. Except possibly for the sanding of the ceiling, which I have to do next. I've done it before, though, so I know what I'm getting into. Smooth ceilings make ceilings look so much taller and less messy so it's worth it.

We had to remove the mantle from the fireplace in the master to take the paneling down. While it's down, I'm going to take a heat gun to that paint and try to restore it to the wood. I'm painting the room white, so it'd be nice if we had a wood mantle to had some more tone.

That's about where we are right now! Baseball season is slowing us down, but we'll get there. We're already gathering the supplies to put these rooms back together, but more on that later.


  1. Holy cow we had the very same tile ceilings- no kidding my hubby ripped it out and then we put in pine planks.... Which I love!! Okay I need to start following you because this is going to be a fun journey. Love y'alls energy and including the kids is awesome! So here's the thing - Where's your subscribe thing?


    1. Pine planks do sound pretty! We haven't nailed down what we're going to put up yet (see my pun?), so I'm still searching for the right idea.

      Thanks for your comment, I love it! It IS going to be a fun journey. Here's where to subscribe:

  2. I love hearing your progress! I'm so glad to hear you got the kids involved, wish I could convince my husband to do that with any kind of work.


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