First Demo Days

We worked on our new old house last weekend! Let me tell you, this house remodel is going to help our marriage in BIG ways. At least, that's what I'm hoping. Because the decisions we have to make together are LIFE THREATENING. Like, what color to paint the wainscoting that we are possibly going to put up in the new bathroom.

Compromise is tough, y'all.

But we will get there, with lots and lots of talking. (I feel like Noemi in the above picture sometimes.)

Anyway, I digress. Jeremy worked on the couple of things he was really worried about this weekend, and surprisingly they were simple and cheap to fix. We found a company that will do our water test for a reasonable price, and Jeremy has the water running and not leaking throughout the house. (I'll let you know about the water test once we get the results back.) The AC also seems to be in good working order.

So since we have a little time before we can start working on the barn and fence (because a farmer has to harvest his crops before we can), I talked Jeremy into starting the new master bathroom.

Our house has two bathrooms that were added on, one off the kitchen, and right next to it on the other side of the house, one off the mudroom. The laundry is also off the kitchen. When they added the bathrooms, they also enclosed a back porch. This back porch is right behind the master bedroom, which makes it the perfect space to put a bathroom in. And since we're going to running all those pipes to that side of the house anyway, I also want to put in a laundry closet in the mudroom.

So Jeremy got to work, and we have finally finalized the layout. The master bedroom had a window in it originally that looked out the porch, but when they enclosed the porch they closed up the window with some shelves. And having a window opening right next to where we were planning on putting a door made us re-think the door placement. It's just easier and less mess to put the door where the window was.

There are problems with this plan, namely the lack of wall space to put our bed in the bedroom. But I've come up with a solution to that, and I think we'll prefer it anyway. The other problem with this plan was that I'd already arranged the bathroom with the door next to the exterior wall. Not in the middle of the room.

So Jeremy and I talked. (Ha!) We worked out a new arrangement that will work and be the lesser amount of work. I used the Pottery Barn Room Planner to help me with the arrangement. Not that I will be able to afford Pottery Barn stuff, but it popped up in my search and was fairly simple to use and figure out. Normally, I'm a pencil and paper type of planner, but I am also not very good at estimating sizes (especially of things like toilets), so the planner was a big help. We will have to close up one of the windows in the bathroom, but there are two others so that's not a big deal.

We've been watching Chip and Joanna on Fixer Upper for a while now, and the kids' favorite part is Demo Day. They have been so excited about our Demo Day. Unfortunately, we can't do a demo day like Chip does because we need to save as much as possible. It wasn't quite as exciting to carefully use a crowbar and hammer to gently pull the molding off the walls. But the kids were troopers and had fun anyway. (The older two did, the younger two were exhausted and followed me around crying. That wasn't quite so much fun.) I don't know why Jeremy started on the bedroom side of the wall, but he did and guess what he found under the paneling?

Bead board! There is bead board upstairs, but downstairs is covered in sheet rock or paneling. I was really hoping the paneling was covering bead board. They carefully pulled off the whole wall of paneling.

And then even more carefully pulled off the molding around the shelves. The old window mechanism was still in the frame, with the rope and the weights. This house was so well built!

After we got the window cleared, we were pretty much done that night. As you can see, the realities of remodeling with a toddler can be quite harrowing. So we went back to our house to go to bed and left our work to be done later.

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