Bathroom Plans

The fun part of putting in a new bathroom is the decorating. Also, this is stressful. Especially when two people are decorating who have drastically different tastes. I love Jeremy, and he is very, very good at balancing me out, but we do not have the same taste in decor at all.

This is both good for us and hard for us. It teaches us to compromise and well, then we actually have to compromise.

I have a Pinterest board called Dreaming of Home that I've been collecting beautiful pictures in for a while now. I knew I wanted white, wood, and a claw foot tub. When I told Jeremy about the claw foot tub though, he asked me, "why?"

Why wouldn't one want a claw foot tub? But then he very sensibly pointed out that I hate baths. I never soak in a tub because it's gross. And stepping into a claw foot tub for a shower would not be easy. He suggested putting the claw foot tub in the kids' bathroom, which makes much more sense. So see? I'm willing to compromise when it makes sense to make Jeremy happy.


Anyway, today I'm feeling overwhelmed by the huge mess our new house is in at this moment. Progress has been made, but it's messy and slow-going when you're working around a work schedule and four kids and baseball and homeschooling and goats due dates get the idea.

It's going slower than I'd like. And I get overwhelmed at times.

So I thought I'd share what I've got planned for the bathroom since the plans are much nicer to think about than the mess.

Our bathroom will be small, but big enough. It's about a 6' x 11' room. The good thing about a small bathroom is the cost is smaller, too. Our layout will be pretty simple. We'll have the vanity and toilet on one side of the room. And the shower on the other. Behind the door, and behind the shower, we'll put in some open shelves for towel storage.

We loved these bathrooms from Pinterest that we're using for inspiration:

Source                                                     Source

And here's some of the things we've picked out:

The square white tile will be for the shower, the hexagonal tile will be for the floor. The sconces are from Lowes and I'm not completely sure about them.

We found this antique dresser/vanity with the mirror that we're going to convert into our sink/vanity. (Let me just admit, it will be the hardest thing I've ever done to drill a hole into that beautiful vanity.) The mirror will hang on the wall above. We'll either put in the faucet coming out of the wall or to the side of the sink. (This is the sink we've ordered, I found it cheaper on Amazon than at Lowes.)

I'm not sure about the sconces because the mirror and vanity are so dark, I wonder if we need something lighter (maybe an antique brass?) so we'll see how that goes. But those sconces do look similar to the chandelier we picked out for our bedroom.

Moving on, Jeremy would like to put up wainscoting and possibly wallpaper above it. I haven't told him yet (so don't tell him) but I don't love that idea. I just think it wouldn't flow with all the bead board in the house. So what I'd like to do is put bead board on the ceiling and sheetrock the walls.

Another thing we haven't agreed upon is the wall color. He wants the wainscoting painted a green color, and I want all the walls white.

Compromise, y'all. COM PRO MISE. We'll get there.

And we haven't even gotten to the decisions about all the faucets. Color? Finish? Style?

Lord, help us.

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  1. You are doing great! Keep going~ When it's finished, you will breathe a huge sigh of relief and be ever so grateful.


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