The Farm Animals

It's been a while since I just shared the antics and personalities of our farm animals. Let's begin with the goats.

Addy and Belle, the two goatlings, are adorable. Addy, in particular, is a fun goat (she's the one with more black). She loves to frolick, even if she is a bit clumsy. She kicks in joy and is just as likely to land on her side or face as she is her feet. She'll rub up against our legs like a cat. The past several weeks, we've had to keep Addy and Belle separate from Pippy and Sissy because of our visiting billy, so we've done lots of walking with the two of them. They are sweet little fat goatlings.

5 more months! We got the billy and in, hopefully, 5 months we'll have some more kids running around this farmyard. And then, milk again. I wanted the due date to be later in the spring so that I can get through more school before the babies come. I am slightly regretting that decision now because I really miss our milk. But it will work out, I hope.

I miss our milk for many reasons but the biggest is the weight I've been gaining since we've been buying milk again. It's from the holiday eating, I know, but I had a much easier time maintaining a pretty good weight when I was drinking the goat milk. We've been drinking more juices and to try to avoid the store milk.

The billy this year was something else. Jeremy picked him out, but I think he looked like a lion. The kids called him Hunter; hopefully, his babies are prettier than he is. This visit with the buck was less of a shock to us, so I guess we really are turning into farmers. Pippy and Sissy were pretty insulted, though.

The chickens are as cantankerous as ever. The hens raised two chicks earlier in the summer, and another hen is raising one chick now. It's always so amazing to see the hens raise their chicks. When I raise chicks, I have to keep them in a box with heat on them for weeks. But this chick has been running around with her mama in this cold weather without any problems. She peeps and darts and follows her mama around the whole yard. She's going to be another ugly chicken, but the kids, especially Noemi, love her.

I need to stock my chicken yard with pretty chickens. That didn't happen this year, but we lost several chickens to hawks and foxes so we'll need to do it in the spring. We even lost George, our white Easter Egger. The kids were a little upset about losing her. Although, it's not as bad as losing a pet. It looked like a hawk got her.

Moving on, I've decided my job in guinea raising is to populate NC with guineas. The two flocks we've raised are just wild birds who occasionally come by our house. The last time they were circling through, they had four young guineas with them. I'm pretty proud that they raised four babies this summer. I haven't decided if we'll raise another flock this spring or not. We'll see.

Anyway, the children are trying to eat tortilla chips for breakfast so I better go fix them something decent to eat.


  1. What tortilla chips aren't a breakfast food? Nobody tells me these things😊 Your critters are looking great! Those big ol' ears are just made for petting aren't they?

    1. Thanks! Having goats is equally fun and frustrating, lol.

  2. Love it! And I've thought about raising guineas myself. I love those crazy birds.


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