Well, we've had some unexpected developments around our homestead.

The goats dried up.

They went into heat around the first of October, and their milk tasted goaty for the first time. And we just kept getting less and less out of them. It got down to one cup from both of them together. So we just quit trying.

Yea, it was quite a let down.

In fact, this summer has felt almost like one big homesteading failure. I guess it's a good thing we're homesteading on grace here. :)

Anyway, I failed at gardening, I didn't put up one thing, we bought eggs for a broody hen to hatch out, and none of them hatched, the hay mulch decomposed on the garden, the weeds took over, the goats got to the apple trees and ate all the leaves off of two, and then the goats dried up. Ugh!

Talk about failing miserably.

Jeremy always tells me, I have to think back a little though. We did grow lots of onions in the spring and they were delicious. We harvested lots of potatoes too (and left a lot in the ground to grow next year). We did deliver 5 goat kids, and kept our goats alive through the pregnancies. And we did milk those goats for 6 months. We grew our goat herd by two, the chickens did raise two chicks, and another hen is sitting on eggs now. (Although, I can't imagine that's going to go well. It's getting cold.) The guineas have been coming back around with four new young ones, so they raised some keets. We did put a new solar electric fence up for another place to let the goats forage. And we did get the outside of our house cleaned up.

It's not perfect.

Or even close to how I planned it.

I guess that's where the grace comes in though.


  1. Jennifer, blessings to you folks. Peeks and valleys for sure. Hug your hubby and munchkins and maybe find peace in knowing you'll have more opportunities. What you are doing is a good thing.

  2. I think everyone has been there at some point and probably more than once. Gotta keep looking at the positive when things don't go as expected.


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