Garden Eating ~ Eowyn's Scrambled Eggs

Eowyn is usually left inside with the two littles while Gideon and I head outside to milk the goats. Sometimes, she'll decide to make some breakfast. She likes cooking, and the littles will watch a Puffin Rock or Sarah and Duck on Netflix. Usually, it's simple. Like oatmeal, or boiled eggs. But then the other day, I told her she could make some scrambled eggs with onions and spinach from the garden. She loved this idea!

It turned out delicious, so she made it again for pictures. And she very expertly set up several of the shots. She gathered her ingredients: spinach, a red onion, and a sweet onion from the garden, eggs from the chicken coop, and cream cheese (from the store). And butter. Lots of butter.

The onions are washed and cut up. It doesn't matter how you chop these up, obviously. Eowyn hates cutting up onions anyway. Cook those onions in a little butter.

And just a little more.

Eowyn is of the mindset, and I quite agree with her, that there can never be enough butter. Amen.

While the onions are cooking down, Eowyn washed the spinach leaves. Once the onions are perfect, she starts dropping the spinach leaves on top. (Now, I added a splash of red wine right before she added the spinach. It helps sweeten up the bitterness of the spinach. But it also turns your eggs brown.)

Then Eowyn cracked five eggs into a bowl. And threw in a whole brick of cream cheese. (We treat cream cheese almost like butter.) We use the stick blender to really scramble the cheese and eggs together. It makes just normal scrambled eggs very fluffy.

Once the spinach is cooked down, Eowyn poured the eggs mixture over top and started stirring it together. After the eggs are finished, we added some salt and pepper.

And now it's time to enjoy. Gideon prides himself on being an un-picky eater, so we never have trouble getting him to eat anything. Eowyn, on the other hand, seems to relish her pickiness. And Esmond, well Esmond is a toddler and an Esmond to boot. Noemi likes meat and butter and fruit. But since Eowyn made these scrambled eggs from scratch and all by herself, she forced herself to enjoy the spinach and onions (the first time).

The second time she made it, her pickiness came out a bit more. She still ate it, and still tried to make Esmond eat more. But she claimed she put a bit too much spinach in this batch.

Ahh, my life. It's a good one.


  1. How fortunate for you to have such a sweet, loving daughter. She's going to be a wonderful help the older she gets. Funny, when kids do the cooking, they seem to eat it -- even if they don't normally like it. We raised our son along with 8-foster boys (middle school through high school). Once we started letting them cook, things sure changed -- no more picky eaters at our house.
    Your daughter is sweet to help you the way she does.

    1. She is very sweet, and she's already a much better cook than I was when I got married!


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