Random Graces #12!

Moments from our House

I made some cheese! Man, it's good. (I also don't know how to hold my hand for this type of picture, it looks weird every which way.)

This little guy has started visiting me almost every morning while I'm milking. He's so cute, but when he first showed up I thought he was a rat. Ugh! But I think he likes the chicken scratch and lives in the goat pen. 

Here it is up close:

Gideon's ball season (finally!) ended. He did great! He plays catcher and absolutely loves it. I love his face. He was pretty proud of his medal.

Cool Links

This is so, so good. She's honest. And she's a great Mama. My Worst Nightmare

Logic in this country is a lost art, but when you apply logic to our current culture, you can see how crazy our culture is. An African-American Woman Reflects on the Transgender Movement

I loved this too. It really does go so fast. There are four years between Gideon and Esmond (and four miscarriages too) but before I had Esmond I realized I was done with the baby phase. Everyone was potty trained and weaned. I was done. I'm so glad God saw fit to make me undone again. But it was so quick! If God Makes You a Mommy

I want to start commonplacing, so I've been reading about it. I wish I'd been commonplacing all along! What I keep in My CommonPlace


  1. Ahhh I didn't know a commonplace book was a real thing but I totally JUST lost mine at Walmart of all places last week. I was seriously stressed. Hit my knees praying. When I finally found it after hours of phone calls and a visit (all kids in tow) to look through every shopping cart there (at least I knew it was in a shopping cart). The man handed it to me and I looked up and said, "Thank you, Jesus." The man laughed and said, "I thought to myself someone would be missing that grocery list." I said, "Sir, this was much more than a grocery list." I vow to NEVER take it to Walmart again!!


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