A Walk in the Garden

The other night, we made our way out to the garden. It had been a couple of days since I'd paid any attention to the garden because of a foot injury. (I fell and busted my toe. I told my friend she needs to put "Farm Life is Dangerous" on a t-shirt.) We've had some rain, and some hot weather, so the conditions have been just right for growing food. It's time to start eating!

Every time I walk through my garden and find food ready to eat, I sing the Doxology. I have to praise the God of all Who also enjoys walking through my garden. He provides. We've got several things that are ready, or are getting ready, or are ready enough. Radishes and spinach are ready to be eaten:

Squash is getting ready:

And onions are ready enough:

I'm so proud of my onion patch. It's huge! We've got red, sweet, and leek onions. They are about as tall as Noemi. When I run out of onions from the store, I'm going to start pulling one up when I need it. They will keep on bulbing and getting bigger, but some are big enough to start eating.

Our peppers and tomatoes took a bit of a hit with some out-of-the-ordinary cold weather at the beginning of May, but they will hopefully revive. The potatoes are doing great, something seems to be eating them but they still are looking good.

Beans. I can't grow beans. We planted, and actually, it was Jeremy (so maybe it's his fault), 50 beans and only 8 plants are coming up. And not all of those look like they are going to make it! Ugh, beans.

We have one watermelon left, but several cucumbers are doing well. Carrots are up, dill and basil are coming up.

I think I'm going to get some more watermelon, and add some sweet potatoes where the beans are supposed to be. Jeremy doesn't love that idea, but it would be silly to leave any space unplanted in a garden. (I'm not very good at imagining how big the plants get.) (Update, I did get some more watermelons and sweet potatoes, and then a whole bunch of herbs. They were having a sale at Lowes!)

As for the hay mulch. We love it still. There are so many worms right under the surface. And the soil underneath is rich. But there are spots that we didn't cover deeply enough, or when we moved the hay back to plant we didn't recover. Those thin spots are weak points. And the weeds are crowding in.

I need more hay. But the good news it, because the soil is in such a nice state these weeds are very easy to get up. We're working on getting another big hay bale over here to just take from as we need it. We've also cleaned out the chicken coop and have all of that composting right next to the garden so that we can move it into the garden in another week.

How's your garden doing? Are you getting anything to eat yet?

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