The New Nubians

Sissy's boy, and also the only buckling. He was the first born too. The kids love him, he's a sweetie. They call him Gregor.

And then one of Sissy's girls. The girls are all black, with different coloring. But it does get a little confusing looking at them. Eowyn calls Sissy's girls Pumpkin and Pancake, but I can't tell which is which. (And I don't really think Eowyn can either.) This one does have black ears, and the other has red. So there are differences, it's just hard to tell when they're jumping all around.

Sissy's last girl. The girls are sweethearts too. It's so funny to watch them. They just frolick around, kicking and hopping and tripping. The second picture looks like she's smiling for the camera.

And Pippy's first girl. I love the coloring on Pippy's doelings. Their faces have more coloring than Sissy's girls, and they also have more white on their sides. I really think they are beautiful. This first one has brown/red ears. Eowyn calls them Dolly and Dawn, but I'm not sure which is which.

And the last little doeling. She has speckled ears like Pippy. These are the two I had to bottle feed the first day, and they still nuzzle at my legs looking for milk. I just love it! But I'm really glad we got Pippy to start nursing them

So there they are! Gregor, Pumpkin, Pancake, Dolly, and Dawn. Eowyn really knows how to come up with some names, huh? Now we have the fun job of making sure they are used to humans. We certainly don't mind playing, holding, and petting them!


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