A Real Food Grilled Cheese

Did you think that your days of cheap, easy comfort food were over with your real food journey? Changing our diets and habits is hard, we miss our comfort foods, and sometimes we aren't prepared with soaked beans. (That may just be me.)

And lunch is one of those meals that poses a real conundrum for the real foodie. I mean, we can't have deli meat. We can't have store bought bread. We can't have, we can't have, we can't have!

We need to eat!

If you are making sourdough bread, I've got an easy filling comfort food that kids will love for lunch. I can say that because all four of mine love this. A grilled cheese sandwich.

I know, revolutionary.

I can hear you now, though. "We don't eat sliced, yellow, cheese." With a slightly regretful voice. I know, I know. I don't eat that stuff either. It's not good for us, and neither is it real food, and God didn't make that stuff.

You know what God did make? Cream cheese. Now, I still buy cream cheese, and you may already make it. Which is awesome. Either way, cream cheese is much less processed and closer to a God food than the yellow stuff.

Why cream cheese? Kids love, love cream cheese. And really, what's not to love? You can have it sweet, you can have it tart. In my mind, cream cheese is the best kind of cheese. And kids love it too because it's not an overpowering flavor. It's creamy, soft, and with a slight twang.

I'd almost forgotten about this wonder, but today for lunch I was searching high and low for something to feed the hungry people. I was at a loss for anything that is also good for them. I even thought about loading everyone up in the car and going to get...fast food. I know, I'm ashamed of myself.

But then I saw the cream cheese. And we had a fresh loaf of bread. And we all got excited.

It's easiest to make these sandwiches with softened cream cheese because it spreads out so nicely. All you have to do is slice your sourdough bread, spread some cream cheese on it and slap two pieces together. Heat your cast iron pan up and put some butter in there. (A little more butter never hurts.)

Grill your sandwich until crispy on one side, then add some more butter and grill the other side.

Since it's cream cheese, you can also have a little fun. The kids will adore it plain; good for them, right? But you maybe would like a little something extra. During the summer, I love mine with a fresh slice of tomato and some fresh basil leaves. During the winter, dried basil works, or a little smoked salmon, or whatever your heart desires! (BACON) (Just a thought.) (Oh! I think I'll try a slice of apple with bacon next time.) It's delicious dipped in tomato soup. It's hearty and filling. It'll keep everyone happy.


  1. Did somebody say basil? I think my middle name should be basil, I love it. Your lunch looks delicious:)

  2. So simple, but so good. I love grilled cheese. I use the yellow slices and still love it. Love it more combined with a bowl of soup

  3. Hmmmmm... I'd have a hard time getting my kids to replace our standard grilled cheese (we don't use cheese slices, though I don't know if a brick of cheese is all that much better) but I definitely want to try this sandwich for myself! Especially with the tomato and basil - yum!

  4. Cream cheese sounds dee-lish! I prepare ours with mozzarella cheese and it is nice and stringy when you go to take a bite :) I will be trying your version too!

    1. Oh yes, mozzarella is good too! Dipped in a little marinara, yum!

  5. I've never thought of using cream cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich. Great idea!

  6. I love grilled cheese sandwiches and I love this recipe! Will try it soon with tomato soup! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. YUM!!! This looks so fancy too! Love it. We are one of those families that "doesn't eat yellow cheese"...


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