Chickens Vs. Guineas

So we have a few issues with the guinea flock, this time around.

They are mean.

They are a gang.

And there is too many of them.

I'm at the point where I'm just waiting for them to start disappearing. I think we'll have much happier chickens once the guinea population is lessened. (Maybe I should make a few disappear?)

I raised these guineas with the chickens, hoping for a mixture of flocks. But that didn't work. At first, the guineas kept the black Orpingtons with them, but now they won't even let them eat.

Sunny is the only one who garners any kind of respect from the guineas. None of his ladies are bothered by the guineas either. He is king, and no one challenges him. It's the chickens that the guineas were raised with who get the brunt of the gang's wrath.

The Easter Eggers are terrified of the guineas. They stay up as high as they can when the guineas are around. Although, our Easter Egger rooster kind of brought it on himself. He started the fights way back when, but he didn't realize that guineas fight in packs, not individually. And he's learned his lesson. He runs, as fast as he can away from the guineas.

And every once in a while, he finds a guinea by itself. Then he attacks. But the guineas all come running as fast as they can. He runs, and runs, and there's been a few times that I've been out there and watched as that rooster has just given up. I've saved his life, Bless him

But chickens don't fight in packs and don't ban together when another needs help. Guineas are united against any cause. They do have moments when they aren't nice to each other, but as soon as another enemy presents itself, they turn as one.

Chickens are more like, "Glad it's not me!" And then they stick out their leg to trip their comrade.

So birds, in general, are not nice I'm thinking. (By the way, all of these pictures were taken at the beginning of October. On one of our very few sunny days. If I took pictures now, we'd get mud on the camera. And everything else! There is mud everywhere.)


  1. I sure do learn a lot about guineas when I stop by here :-) . By disappear, do you mean you eat them?

    1. I thought I alreayd replied to your comment Deborah, sorry! I must have walked away from typing my response. Anyway, yes, we could eat the guineas. It's a dark meat, much like pheasant.

  2. Hey Jennifer! This post made me laugh (with you, not at you, of course 😊). We have both guineas & chickens, as well, and they are such a different bird! We do have a couple guineas that enjoy hanging with the chickies, but for the most part, the chickens stay clear of them! Great post! 🐓🌻


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