Goat Ed.

Honestly y'all, I'm still trying to process what all happened today. And I'm trying to figure out how to tell about it. It was awful, terrifying, horrifying, and soooo embarrassing all at the same time.

We got the billy today.

Now you know what I'm talking about. And as bad as you are imagining it, is pretty close to how bad it was. For us, anyway. The goats all seemed to have a wonderful time.

He's a cute little billy, about a year younger than our girls. (Even younger billies can do their thing, but don't have the aggressiveness or as much of a raunchy smell.) And even though he's much smaller than our fatty girls, he was not at all intimidated.

The girls first response was very standoffish, and Pippy was particularly affronted by his proximity.

We assumed it would take a few days, you know. I mean, they just met. So we all sat outside while Jeremy fashioned a hay feeder for them. And that's when the kids learned a lot.

At one point, Jeremy said, "If I had to sign a permission slip for this, I wouldn't."

So we now are all officially farm/country people. Except not because our facial expressions give us away. 

(Esmond and Noemi are on the end there, and didn't notice anything.)

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