A Hay Feeder that Jeremy Built

Jeremy's been building again. This time... I'm not going to say it's ugly, but it is pretty funny looking. He wanted to build a quick hay feeder for the goats since we were getting the billy that week. His agenda was to build something the goats could not knock over. And, well, they can't knock this thing over!

He had the blue barrel from the green houses at Spring Lake Family Farms. And the rest was just scrap pieces we had lying around. Free works for me!

He wanted to make sure the goats couldn't knock it over, hence the support arms. He built the base first. The bottom is made using four 4 ft. long 2x6's. The square is two feet, and the support arms are two feet as well. Those wide arms keep this feeder from tipping in any direction.

The floor then is just a 2 ft. square,

He added posts to keep the barrel on the stand. The posts are 3 ft. tall.

I think this thing is so funny looking! I mean, I know it's practical and whatnot, but look at it. It almost looks like a swatchka. Jeremy loves it though; he says it's an ingenious design.

He cut holes in the bottom of the barrel, all to keep the goats from knocking this hay feeder over.

Still pretty funny looking.

But the goats don't mind it. And they certainly can't knock it over!

So Jeremy accomplished what he set out to do. He always does, though. Sometimes I wonder if that man has a little goat in him.

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