Chickens in the Coop

Moving the pullets into the new coop was the fun part. They were getting quite cramped in their little box. We had added another kennel to give them more room during the day, but they needed a lot more space.

The kids just carried them over; here's Gideon with a black Orpinton and Eowyn with a guinea.

The pullets loved getting into the grass and finding all sorts of treasures. They've grown a lot since these pictures were taken, and the grass is all beaten down now.

But they did stay close together! I'm hoping these guineas will stay closer to home since they've been raised with the chickens. (And I'm really hoping the chickens don't wander far with the guineas since they've been raised with the guineas!)
We put in the kennel for them to roost on for right now, and we also put the box in the coop too. We've moved George and her chicks into the coop with the pullets since they'll be part of the new flock. We kept George and the chicks locked up for a week or so in the coop, and then eventually George let me know she was ready to come out. She still pecks the tar out any of the pullets who get too close, but I think they've pretty well established their relationships. At least for now.

Next up! How we're training them to come into the coop.

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