The News Around Here...

Ah-ha! (That was said triumphantly, not like I just found something. Just wanted to be clear.) I'm back! And I survived school starting. Woohoo! We had a great first full week, loved it all and now we're spending the weekend resting and doing whatever it is we want to do.

Also, I'm a soccer coach now. And also the director for our Classical Conversations group. Been just a tad busy lately. I'm getting in the groove now, though. And I think it's all gonna work...

Now this post is just going to be a little update. I know I owe you a post about how to finish building a chicken coop; I just am going to have to pin Jeremy down and force him to tell me. Because the man has also been pretty busy.

Here's a shocker for you: I failed at gardening this year. I did; I failed BAD, man. If my family were dependent on me to grow their food, we'd be starving. It's sad, and ugly, and I feel terrible about it. But my garden currently looks like I'm growing hay. Actually, it looks like I grew hay, and even failed at cutting it on time. See? (But don't be too judge-y.)

Miserable. I try to come up with excuses, but I got nothin'. Always being optimistic, though, there's always next year! (If I can ever dig my garden out of that mess.)

We added some more chicks to the family, 12 Black Orpingtons. They like to peck at my ring. And since we've been watching George and her babies, we've been pecking at the food and water every time we give it to them. They all perk right up when there's any kind of pecking going on.

Noemi is almost walking. She's been working at it for a month now. Right now she's walking across the room with her hands up in the air for balance. I swear, there is nothing cuter. Esmond has finally accomplished using the toilet. Praise the Lord. It is such a relief when it finally clicks, isn't it? Cookies (and nakedness) did it for Esmond.

Jeremy has been busy with a new farm endeavor. He is working with our family to build an aquaponic farm called Spring Lake Family Farms. Just in the past few weeks, they've started selling the greens and lettuces that they've grown. They have about 600 fish in a couple of tanks and are growing some beautiful bok choy, swiss chard, lettuce mixes, and kale. Thankfully, we aren't ever going to have to be completely dependent on my gardening abilities. They've been working on this system for more than a year now, and we're all so excited about what the Lord is going to do with it!

The kids and I don't get over there very often because if you touch the water you can mess up the whole system (at least, that's my understanding) and if you've ever been around little boys and water, you know the problems we would make. So Jeremy has been balancing being at his full-time job, being at the aquaponic farm, and being home with us. He's doing a good job of it, I think.

That's the news around here! What's happening with you? Tell me your news!


  1. There's just always something going on when you're farming, isn't there? I really like the way the Spring Lakes logo came out. I would have been at a loss for how to graphically get the idea of "aquaponics" across to people and that is PERFECT. Thanks for sharing at Simple Sundays and praying for a good school year for ya!

  2. Oringtons? Anything like Orpingtons? ;-)
    Garden failure? What? You did great! And yes, if your area has a "winter" then you'll easily be able to till that all in the spring. What is it growing right now? You can still use it as hay (advertise to the hunters who come to the area on their horses), or just call it your first attempt at "green manure" to add nutrients back to your garden and keep the weeds out for next year. Act like you did it on purpose and own it girl!

    1. Haha! You know what's funny? Orington doesn't get the little red squiggly line, but Orpington does. But it's fixed now, thank you for telling me about that!
      And as for owning the garden....well, I do own it. Unfortunately. :)

  3. This probably could have been my update, lol! Hubby built me a beautiful new garden over the summer, but we are still looking for woodchips...meaning my garden is COVERED in weeds! And today we start homeschooling with my oldest! Wish me luck!

    Loved seeing your aquaponics farm too. My aunt does that, and the lettuce she grows is the BEST ever! :)


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