Changing Flocks

So chickens. Our flock now has 4 Rhode Island Reds, one Easter Egger, and what I assume is a Buff Orpington, although I'm really not sure. And Sunny the rooster is some sort of bantam. It's a mixed flock and has done exceptionally well for us. They provide us with 6 eggs a day, Sunny is the best rooster I've ever seen, and they generally take care of themselves.

Even so, I've decided to change our flock over to Orpingtons and Easter Eggers.

This has slowly been coming about in the past few weeks. (Ever since I learned of my chicken needs!) I have been looking for some Blue Orpingtons, but they are sold out this year because they are so popular. Everywhere. Even online, or at least at the places I've looked. In order to get a Blue, you must cross a Splash Orpington with a Black, so I'm going to build a flock of Black hens with a Splash Rooster.

One of my reasons for this change over was for a self-propagating flock, and none of our hens had gone broody this year. But as soon as I started writing this, George, our one Easter Egger, went broody and started sitting on 6 eggs. (I guess she overhead my plans, and decided to try to save herself.) We've got about two more weeks to see if she's going to hatch any, but she's been doing well. Orpingtons are supposed to be great mothers though. I'd rather not have to incubate eggs to grow our flock. And I'd also rather not have to buy new chicks every year.

I've also got several Easter Eggers that will produce eggs for us to eat. We can eat the Orpington eggs too, of course, but the Easter Eggers blue eggs will obviously be different from the Orpington, so if we want to raise some Blues to sell, we'll be able to easily do that, without guessing.

We're also planning on building a new coop. I want to keep our current flock until the new chicks start laying eggs, plus the goats are going to need more room next year for their babies and the milk stand. So I nicely asked Jeremy to build a coop for me on the other side of the garage-turned-barn. He's started eyeing the other side of the garage-turned-barn, and I'm excited to say that this is happening this week!

We're thinking this will be a good way for our little farm to start generating and diversifying some income, which, to be honest, is so far in the negative. It's investing for the future, at least, that's what we keep telling ourselves. A year from now ,though, we should have a few things to start selling, like goat milk soap and now chicks.

So, will you buy a Blue Orpington chicken from me next year? They are really pretty! 


  1. I always said I'd never go back to doing the chicks myself since the mommies are sooooo much better at it than me. But...for blue's (which are insanely hard to get here), I just might get some for you. You deliver, right?
    PS, I totally need to come check out your homestead if I ever get that way again.

    1. Sure, I'll deliver for you! I'd love to see your homestead anyway. Wouldn't that be fun?


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