Looking Close Enough

God's been walking in my garden again. I just haven't been doing my part well enough, but that doesn't matter to Him. He still comes. It's just if I don't do my part, we can't see His work unless we get close enough.

God works in the garden even when we don't. He makes things grow, produces good foods for our bodies and beauty for our souls. It's our job to keep out the weeds. I fail miserably every year. I've not given up, but it's just such a powerful example. It's our job to keep the weeds out of the garden. And we can't. We need help, or at least. I do.

When I stand back and look at all of it, I can barely see where He's been. It's a jungle looking mess out there.

But when I move in close, I can see His fingerprints. See?

A little tomato there, some basil here, squash and zucchini. Lots of spinach, growing potatoes and peas, watermelon, lettuce, swiss chard, cucumbers.

He's good. He's good, even when we're not. He's good all the time. All the time, He's good.

I just love that. Going to get my hoe out now.


  1. He's on duty 24/7, all the time. Even when we're asleep, He knows our hearts and the things that will really be pleasing to them. And He's working on these things all the time. We just have to stop and inspect closely sometimes. Nice work in there--I see some good stuff.

  2. It looks good out there... I like the lesson on looking closely also.... to see where He has been working... that is so true in much of life. :)

  3. Gorgeous freshness out in that garden! God is fully abundant and loves to share. It's all good. Thanks for sharing this sweet outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!

  4. Your garden is beautiful! Mine get's like that by the end of summer...a tangled mess, until you look closely. Love it!

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday. I hope to see you back again this week!



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