Creating a Creamy Stir-Fry

I'm having one of THOSE days. You know, the kind where you think "I should not be a mother." Or, in my case, "I should not be allowed around people." I saw my Grandma today, and she listened to my woes and frustrations. At the end of it, I just said, "I'm grumpy, Grandma."

So I just had my piece of dark chocolate and my tall glass of milk, the 3 kids are in the beds, and the baby is crawling around on the floor, and I'm going to write away my woes and frustrations. Let them out of my heart, and praise God that tomorrow is a new day.

The one (only) good thing I did today was successfully feed these people. These people that I desperately love. I fed them! And it was so good, they said it was blog-worthy. (That's our new rating system around here.)

It's kind of a twist on a stir-fry. We love stir-fries around here.

(Now the baby's in bed too, and I'm having another piece of chocolate.)

Stir-fries, we love them. They are easy, can be ready in about 30 minutes, and are full of vegetables. Right now, our garden has spinach, lots of spinach. And we pulled up all the radishes this week. We've been eating lots of spinach and radishes, and we had them today too. I love, LOVE sending Eowyn out to the garden to get lunch. I had some sweet onions and carrots in the fridge, so I decided those would be the vegetables: spinach, radishes, carrots, sweet onions.

Gideon started cooking some smoked sausage while Eowyn and I got the vegetables ready. The whole time I'm thinking about how I'm going to make the sauce for this stir-fry. When I think of spinach I think of cream and cheese and cream cheese. (Creamed spinach anyone?) So I'm thinking, can I use cream cheese in a stir-fry? Spinach and onions are good with cream cheese. Rice is good with cream cheese. Smoked sausage? That one took a moment, but Jeremy likes to put some smoked sausage and a piece of cheese on a cracker. Boom! Everything in this stir-fry can go with cream cheese!

I was still a little worried, but I decided to try it. It's one of those recipes that I take pictures of without knowing if I'm going to be able to use them or not. (Not gonna tell you how many food pictures I have that I, ahem, can't use.) Anyway, we fried up the meat and set it aside. Then I added half a stick of butter and a good splash of olive oil to the pan. I threw in the onions, carrots and radishes, and some minced garlic, and let those cook for a few.

Then I covered everything with the spinach. This way the roots cook a little faster and the spinach slowly wilts. When the spinach was wilted, I added back the meat to the pan. I seasoned everything with salt and Italian seasonings. Then I went for it. The risk. I added half a block of cream cheese and a good splash of milk, and (here's the secret ingredient) a tablespoonish of honey.

I let all of that cook until the cheese was melted and then I realized I wasn't quite happy with the amount of sauce in the pan. I like sauce on my rice. So I had to think again. More milk? More cheese? Something else? The other half of a stick of butter went in the pan. (Grandma makes rice with butter and it's amazing.) And that gave it the right amount of sauce.

So we sat down to eat, and it was a hit! Honey, carrots, radishes, and onions made it slightly sweet. But the spinach, creamed cheese and smoked sausage gave it just the right amount of savory to create a perfect blend.

What do you think? Do you ever take risks in the kitchen?


  1. I think a stir fry with cream cheese would be good and yours definitely looks yummy. Thanks for sharing with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  2. I guess I might try something like that the next time I'm up for some experimenting. :o)


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