Chicks & Needs

I think I have a problem.

I never thought I would develop this kind of problem. I mean, I've read about other chicken keepers' collections and thought to myself, why have so many? Pfft. Those people have a problem.

But I had no idea how much I need some Blue Orpington chickens wandering around my yard. And some Black ones. And several Easter Eggers, because I love finding different colored eggs in my coop.

This problem is not limited to chickens though. No, I also desperately need a goose named Mother.

A turkey named Tom would be perfect for Thanksgiving too. Jeremy says I need a cage with a roof for the turkey first though. And I don't have that. So maybe next year for Tom.

And I needed more guineas. Because guineas eat ticks, and all ticks must die. Amen. (Jeremy has since fulfilled this need by finding me some keets because he's a good man.)

I discovered these needs when I went to pick up a few chicks to add to our flock. Do we need them? No. But I am going to replace a few of the Rhode Island Reds. I want chickens who will get broody and raise chicks on their own. I also love colored eggs. So we bought some Easter Eggers and Black Orpingtons from a sweet lady who raises chicks around here. But while I was there, I saw her turkeys, her Blue Orpingtons, and her goose named Lucy.

And that's when I discovered that I have needs. Fowl needs.

Come on, you gotta laugh at that one. It's funny!

But, she didn't have any yet for sale. So now I have to wait patiently or search for another seller. I'm also researching chicken breeding and genetics. (Because for a Blue Orpington, you have to mix a Black Orpington and a Splash Orpington. Two Blues do not necessarily make a Blue. And the Blue will fade with each generation too. Fascinating stuff, I tell ya.)

I have some Blacks now, I may be calling my dealer seller on Monday for a few Splashes. I don't think I can wait.


  1. Haha... Oh my goodness... It's a good problem to have. I always say, "Crazy chicken lady? If you HAVE chickens, you ARE that crazy chicken lady!" We had a wild turkey wander out and stay with our flock. I know you aren't supposed to keep them together, but he just follows us around talking to us all day. It's so comical. How can I tell him to leave, ya know?
    (At least you don't have peacocks--stay far away!)
    Oh...what are keets? I don't know much about guineas.

    1. Oh my goodness, when we were at this lady's house, Esmond (the two year old) figured out how to make just the right noise to make the turkeys all start gobbling at him. It was so funny! He'd make his noise, they would gobble, back and forth, back and forth. I loved it.

      Keets are baby guineas. I don't know why they are called that. Guineas are funny birds, but they eat ticks, fire ants, and protect their home from snakes, rodents, and I've even read they will take care of coyotes and the like. They are originally from Africa (as are fire ants) and they aren't as domesticated (read plump and lazy) as chickens. But they don't have a lick of sense. Our guineas sound the alarm when a hawk is flying overhead, but forget that they can fly. They are very polite birds though. And from what we've read, most restaurants that serve wild game birds are serving guineas since it's a darker, wilder meat. And that, my friend, is just about the extent of my guinea knowledge. :)

    2. Snakes? You've caught my interest. I'll have to look into if they are something we want to add to our flock. (We have rattlers and rodents--which is why we have the rattlers, I think.)
      Picturing the turkey talk just makes me smile.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I am you neighbor on Monday Musings. And what an a.musing this post is!
    I can see your personality come through and I smiled at every word.
    I first read your About Me and what a story you have! And what a crew!

    You certainly have your hands full. Your cup overflows with those little blessings, doesn't it?

    I applaud all your proactive work to improve the health of your family. That alone would be quite the undertaking. But add homeschooling and the homestead and I'm sure you meet yourself coming and going.

    I'm here this morning praying for your strength and encouragement as I write these words. I'm glad we ended up as neighbors so I could lift you up. Mine are older now, but I can still remember like it was yesterday just how overwhelming it felt at times.

    I've never done this before, so please don't think I'm here just to promote my own blog. But as I think about you and pray for you, I'm reminded of the words on mothering I wrote a few weeks ago and want you to know where they are because what you are doing is kingdom work, and that's the premise of this post:

    Precious Lord, I lift up Jennifer's day to you. Give her the strength, patience, and wisdom to be everything each of her four precious ones needs. Fill her with enough energy to both give to them and have something left when her husband returns home this evening. Bless her homeschooling and her homesteading and remind her that your eyes are always on her. May she be filled with your Spirit, overflowing with an abundance of all the gifts and fulfilling her purpose in you. Praise your precious name. Hallelujah and amen.

    Embracing the Journey!

    1. Oh my goodness, Christi, I am overwhelmed! Thank you for such encouragement and such a blessing. And what a post you shared! I'm bookmarking that one for the moments I need that sweet reminder. I might even print it out, your words have such a redemptive power, they've brought me to tears. Thank you. You are doing great things with your blog. May God bless you for it!

  3. Thanks for sharing this part of your chicken journey with us at Good Morning Mondays. We have 1 turkey and she is fascinating, it is common for her to be on our back veranda looking in the kitchen door. She just wanders around all day with the chickens but I don't think she is very smart because she only cones to be locked up for the night when we are letting the chickens out in the morning, though she is still alive so I suppose she has some smarts. Guineas are meant to be great protectors but a bit noisy, we don't have any but maybe one day. Blessings to you and your lovely family.


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