Around the Farm ~ Spring

I took a week off after Easter. I wish I could say I did something huge, but I didn't. I just rested. Read a book. And slept quite a bit. So, I figured I'd start back with a little up-date with the happenings around the farm yard! (And by the way, doesn't our front yard look like the perfect place for a milk cow? We'll have goat milk, I know, but...BUTTER. Not anytime soon, one day, I'd really like to make some of my own butter.)

We've already started the battle with the weeds. They grow so quickly! We're building a slight wall around the garden just made of whatever the kids and I can find to make the weeding easier. We'll be able to weed eat around the outside without tearing up our mesh fence, and the wall keeps the mesh fence a little stronger too.

Our fence did work to make the garden safe from the chickens and apparently anything else. We had a mother bird lay her eggs right smack in the middle of the garden. We saw the parents walking around, so I went out there to scare them out. The way they were moving told me that they were working on a nest and mating. And I didn't want a bird nest in the middle of the garden. But that didn't work, and when I went out there another day, the mother bird was in there and was very defensive. I walked around, carefully, until I found the eggs and made note of where they were.

But then I didn't know what to do. I mean, if I had left her alone, my garden would be neglected, and I needed to plant several more things. When I showed the kids the eggs, Gideon reached down and touched one before I could stop him, so that made my decision for me. Although I feel bad about it. The mother has not been back, though. Pretty little eggs, they were hard to see. When we were working out there, they were stepped on. No baby birds in them, I guess she had not sat on them long enough.

We're down to only 4 guineas. We aren't quite sure what's happened to the others. At the start of spring, we had 9, and 5 have disappeared in the last month. They wander really far, so they could be getting hit by cars, they could have joined another neighbor's flock of guineas, or they could be laying on some eggs somewhere. Our neighbor behind us started feeding them some scratch when he fed the horses, and they started laying their eggs on his property, so some of them could be roosting over there too. It would be nice is they'd come back with little keets, though! (Can you spot the guineas in the pictures? There are two in each picture.)

The goats are doing well and getting big. They've lost their winter cashmere coats. Pippy, the introvert goat, enjoys being petted now. She wouldn't jump in your lap like Sissy would, but she doesn't shy away from us anymore. Good ole' goats.

And the chickens are healthy and happy. They give us 6 eggs a day, and we haven't had any trouble from Sunny the rooster. He is very regal. A couple of the chickens, George and the orange one, do seem to get picked on more than the others. I feel bad for their backs, but I'm not sure what we can do about it.

And finally, our little green house is still working, although we did figure out one thing we did wrong. Can you guess?

If you build this, maybe put down some plastic underneath it as well. Because the grass really loves the warmth inside the greenhouse too.

How's your spring going?


  1. Your yard looks so lovely--a place the kids can really play, and relax, and learn. I don't recognize what kind of eggs those were--do you know what kind of bird?
    For the chicken's backs, you can make something similar to this out of used jeans or Carhartts. I feel so bad for their backs too :-( .
    You'll have to let us know if the rest of your guineas come back (especially if they bring babies with them).

    1. From what I've read, it's because of the rooster's attentions, right? So the saddle would just protect their backs from his claws?

      The bird looks like a sandpiper, like you would see at the beach, but is called a killdeer. They are pretty, and their nest was in the horse field behind us last year. The babies were adorable; it's sad we won't see them again this year.

  2. Well hello there! I could almost be looking at pictures from our little farm with the exception of the goats. I love my Guineas! I love their cackle and the way they run. Happy Spring to you.

    1. I love watching the guineas run too! From behind it looks like they have on bloomers!


  3. Thanks for the update and I enjoyed the photos and the goats are really cute. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  4. Those are lovely photos! Yay for spring!


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