Greenhouse Plants

Oh boy, have we had a week. The kind of week where at the end of it, I have a mountain of clean laundry piled up on a chair, getting all kinds of wrinkles. But it's clean. There's still another mountain of laundry scattered throughout the house that is dirty. And today, I should be taking a nap, but you know how there are some days when naps work, and some days when naps just don't? Today's one of those days when a nap just isn't working. And it's only making me grumpy the longer I try.

So I give up trying to take a nap! I'll write instead, and maybe I'll be able to go to bed early tonight.

Our little greenhouse needed some plants. I've mentioned before that we're in the process of starting an aquaponics farm with our family. Well, the farm we've been renovating was an old plant nursery and it had tons of things still there. Jeremy found these trays of planters for me and brought about 600 home. Perfect for the greenhouse!
First, we dumped out the dirt that was in them, and replaced it with some fresh dirt. We got pretty dirty doing this, and it took us a couple of days.We ran out of dirt the first day, and Jeremy brought us more the next.

Then it was time to drop the seeds into each one. I kept thinking this is going to be a LOT of holes to dig in the garden. I'm still a little apprehensive about that! We planted lettuce, onions, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, and now I can't even remember what else. We didn't put seeds in all 600, I wanted to save some in case I needed them for something else. And since the kids were helping, I have no idea if all the planters I did want planted were actually planted. I kept finding Gideon putting seeds in one I'd already planted, even though I tried separating them.

It didn't take too long, or too much coercing for the kids. I really should have bought some plant markers (affiliate link!), but I'm not that prepared. I'll know for next year now! I bought our seeds from Baker Creek Seeds and Mary's Heirloom Seeds. I like both of them. (Not affiliate links!)

Then we just put them in the greenhouse. Jeremy put a shelf in the greenhouse with a couple of cement blocks and some plywood scraps he had so that we could put in two layers. I made sure to water them, and on warm days we propped open the door so that it wouldn't get too hot in there. We had a couple of beautiful days in the 70's and 80's this week.

And today is one week and one day after we planted all those seeds, and now we have this!
So exciting! The greenhouse works! And God's been working His magic! I love imagining God walking through the garden and greenhouse. I think it's His favorite place to be.
Jeremy laughs at me when I'm trying to garden, he told me I look "unnatural" when I'm working in the garden. I'm like one of those kids at the party who is trying so hard to be liked that nobody likes me. Please plants, like me this year, k? Maybe they will.

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  1. That's wonderful! I love getting the kiddos involved.
    We've had an early spring this year, and I'll be putting lettuce, onions, and spinach seeds directly into the ground here soon. That greenhouse the hubs made sure looks good :-) .

    1. I did not realize until tonight that you are behind Grace Garden and Homestead AND Growing in His Grace. I love both of those blogs! We have Grace in common too. I did put the spinach directly in the garden, and it makes me feel better that you will too. I hope it comes up. Thanks for reading Deborah! And for all your encouragement.

    2. Yes :-) . That is me. It's so hard for me to keep our homestead life separated from our Creator--but it has two distinct audiences, so...two separate sites worked much better. You have a talent for keeping them together :-) .
      As a general rule, we put all leafy greens, carrots, onions, corn, peas, and beans directly in the ground. If I didn't live in a zone 4, I'd put my gourds and cucumbers directly in the ground too. But...I'm with Julie...none of the "main" stuff until Memorial weekend...Just greens for now. I'm with you Julie!
      Blessings Jennifer,

  2. We still have 2 feet of snow here. General rule of thumb is planting does happen until at least Memorial Day weekend. I've had my eye on a seed started greenhouse at Tractor Supply. We don't plant any where near as much as you do (6-12 tomato plants, a few rows of peas and green beans, etc.) so we don't need a big seed starter. I've been making mini-greenhouses out of washed out milk jugs. It works pretty good! We shovel off the deck so I have a place to put them. I have to bring them in at night though.

    (visiting from the Monday's Musings link-up)

    1. If we had 2 feet of snow here, we'd be in crisis mode! Our county only has one snow plow. I bet milk jugs work nicely! And have that handle to make it easier to move around. Thanks for sharing Julie. I hope your snow melts soon!

  3. What a great post and all those pots look great, isn't it wonderful when the seedlings start to come up, such an achievement. We are nearing the end of our growing season in Australia but we have started an aquaponics system and it is amazing that seeds germinate in rocks. We are enjoying doing this immensely and it is wonderful for the children to learn about growing things. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  4. That's a lot of seedling trays! When I'm planting, I often place the seed on top of the soil and leave it until all of my seeds have been placed. That way, I can see which seeds are where and it gives me time to make my markers. This might help prevent things from getting double-planted. You'll have an abundant garden this season. Thank you for sharing this on The Maple Hill Hop!

  5. Plants don't like me either :) But they love my husband so I am okay with that! Your greenhouse is wonderful and all those seedlings are going to be such a blessing! Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week!

  6. I love your greenhouse, seems doable for the average person. I saw your post when you built it and I think I will look into that some more. You have a lot of seedlings. I hope you have great success. So glad you are getting your kids in on the planting, even if it doesn't turn out perfectly, it's still great for them to do it. :) Thanks for this post, it's awesome!


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