Planting Peas with Potatoes

According to our new Seed Schedule Calculator from Reformation Acres, we needed to plant some peas, dill, and spinach outside last week. So while Jeremy was building our new greenhouse, the kids and I planted some seeds in the garden.

I read here that peas grow well near potatoes, so I guessed where the potatoes were buried, and started a row in between for our peas. This row took the longest, but we quickly realized there was a nice rhythm to planting our peas. Unfortunately, that meant I had to do the hardest work.
I went down the row hoeing, Eowyn followed and pushed seeds into the hole as deep as the top of her finger, and Gideon came behind pushing the dirt back together. I have no idea if they spaced them well, I really hope so, but we had 75 seeds, and they just kept coming. We finally finished on row four. I marked these rows, I know, tacky, but it works for now!
Next up, spinach, which apparently pairs well with peas, so in between the rows of peas we planted the spinach.

One of my plans this year (besides growing food instead of weeds) is to kind of crowd the garden so that the weeds don't have much room to grow. Plus, I have probably overdone it on the number of plants I plan on planting.
The Seed Schedule Calculator is so handy because it also has when to expect harvest times. And I'm printing off the rest of the Homesteading and Gardening pages to keep track and make notes for next year. I always think I'm going remember, but I never do.
We also planted our dill, but I put that in a pot. I think I'm going to try to put our herbs on the back porch. But I may change my mind on that. It might be easier to keep them in the garden away from the chickens. (If I ever get my chicken wire fence up.)
My little chunky baby was not very sure about all that fresh air. Soon enough though she'll be begging to go outside with her big brothers and sister.

This week we are planting radishes and basil. What are you planting this week? Next post will be about planting some seeds for our greenhouse! I'm excited because some seeds are already popping up!

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  1. Your row markers look great! We just keep the limbs off the trees we cut up for firewood in the fall and cut them down into markers for the year.
    I'm excited that you are planning big--way to be that Proverbs 31 provider!

  2. What a wonderful property you have!!! I love your big garden... we have gardens on a city plot, so are a bit crowded, but it works... I love the space though.. and I hearts yearn to have a more country setting. Good job on gardening w/ your children. :)

  3. What wonderful lessons you are teaching your children, hard work, diligence just being some. What a wonderful example to us all. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  4. I am happy to read I can put peas in between my potatoes. I'll try to get to that tomorrow or Wed. My peas aren't coming up yet so I'm worried they won't so this is great. I haven't seen any spinach either, so may just do that, too! God bless~

  5. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. My very first 'proper' embroidery was a blackbird with cherries in its beak when I was about 16. Tell your daughter to keep at it, it's so enjoyable.
    I plant some peas in the polytunnel about Oct so they start to grow and they are dormant over winter and then have a head start come spring and are ripe before the outside peas are. Given up on potatoes at the moment tho!


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