CC Cycle 3 Week 24 ~ The Plan

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The last week of CC! And I'm totally going to be late writing this post. I'm just kind of straggling to the finish line. But I made it! We made it!

Who's secretly planning Cycle 1 already for next year? I just had my very first thought about it today when the kids and I were preparing their presentations for tomorrow. We decided they should talk about their favorites from this year, and we pulled out the history notebooks for them to look through and remember all the things we did in history. It was such a nice time! They loved looking over all their pictures and writings. So now I want to do a notebook for EVERYTHING.

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  1. I'm so excited you are going to be leading our chapter next year! You will do great and I love your posts. I'm going to start reviewing cycle 3 with Sydney again (not in great detail) over the summer and I do look forward to trying your history notebook idea for next year too. We seriously might do a notebook for each subject because I think that will only enhance her retention. We will also start the Math and Reading curriculum this summer, as I've already spoken to you about that. Yay! Can't wait!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I really do love the notebooks, I hope I can improve them a little next year, although I won't be changing much!


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