CC Cycle 3 Week 21 ~ The Plan

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Only four more weeks of CC Cycle 3! I can't believe it. It goes so quickly. Then it will be time for Parent Practicums. Anyone else thinking about Practicums yet? And end of year testing? (It's a requirement for us in NC.) Let's not think about that just yet, shall we?

Let's think about week 21 instead! We have not learned "To God be the Glory" like I'd like, so we'll continue with that hymn. (In church today, we sang "Be Thou my Vision" and the kids got excited and sang as loud as they could. I love that. In case you missed it, here's how we do hymn studies.) So in addition to that, our morning meetings will include math practice, memory work, Shakespeare's Stories, copywork, timeline song, Latin and Greek, and Mystery of History. Eowyn also copies the Latin verses each week.

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  1. Love to read what you are up to with your kiddos as we come to a close in Cycle 3. I can't believe how 20 weeks have flown by! God bless you and yours! ~Megan


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