Collecting Eggs & Making Breakfast

First thing this particular morning, I put on some breakfast of soft-boiled eggs and grits. While they were cooking, I left Jeremy and the kids to go feed the animals. I put on my cute, new barn boots, (thanks to my in-laws!) and headed out across the front yard.
The roosters, who have been kicked out of the coop to give the hens a break greet me in the yard, hoping for a handout.
These Rhode Island Reds are mean; we have 2. This one was growling at me and circling me. I stopped and gave him the stink eye and waved my arms at him to make him see how big I am. If he had gotten any closer, I would have given him a swift kick, but he backed down. And yes, even though Jeremy wants to keep a Red because most of our hens are Reds, I won't keep one. I worry about Esmond being round them
 It's morning, so the boys only get a handful of food thrown out to distract them.
 Feedin' the goats next.
I turned my back to get the hens' feed, and look at what happens. Dadgum rooster, he know he's in trouble, too.
 Throwing some feed out for the hens in the coop and then I look for some eggs...
 But I find this little hen working on her egg, So I wait. And try not stare.
 The roosters are circling the door, just hoping for a chance to get in to the hens or the goats feed.
 She's done it! It takes her a minute to hop out of the box though; she's tired, poor dear.
 With her little egg, we have four this morning! We usually get one more in the evening.
 Pretty, little, delicious eggs!
Time to head back to the house. Now I'm hungry, and hoping Jeremy finished fixin' breakfast. The roosters follow me back up to the house hoping for another hand out. We usually throw out some scraps throughout the day. They are pretty spoiled. We feed them in the evening, but right now they aren't really producing anything for the farm, so we don't give them too much food. They obviously like handouts, but aren't hurting for food.
 Our bowl of eggs that we've been collecting. We took 5 out this morning, and then put 4 back in.
When I came in, this breakfast was waiting for me. I love it when that happens! Jeremy had finished the grits, fried the eggs (instead of boiling them), fried some bacon, cut up an orange, AND made hash browns from scratch! We all had breakfast together, thanking God for what our farm had provided for our breakfast and dreaming about the day that more of the things on our plate are produced right here on our homestead.
What did you have for breakfast?

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  1. It is so great to eat what you produce! I love the pictures of your chickens and goats. So cute! My husband and I live in town now, hoping to get back in the country when the timing is right. We were blessed to harvest a moose and deer this season, so that has been an amazing addition to our plates! Moose sausage for breakfast is my husband's favorite!

    1. Oh my, a moose! That must be a lot of meat. We don't have moose around here, but Jeremy did get a deer this year. Love that organic meat!

  2. Oh, what a naughty rooster! He just wants to be where the action is, I guess! Your eggs are lovely and what a blessing to have a man who cooks! I'd love for you to share this post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

    1. Thanks Daisy G! It is a blessing, he cooks better than I do. And he enjoys it! I'll come check out your hop, thanks for the invite!


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