2015's Resolutions!

Don't you just love a new year? A new start? I love that God gives us new years, new months, new weeks, new days, and new minutes for new starts. Because sometimes, we all need a new start. A new year is the big new start though. It's the start of who we will be for the next year. How many of us would like to shed some of the old and put on some new? New habits, new bodies, new minds?

Optimistic? Yes. Realist? Also yes. So even though the excitement of a new year thrills me and makes me want to completely overhaul my life and become the perfect person on January first, I know that's just not possible. This is a journey. I try to keep goals reasonable and attainable. Nothing too difficult, or life changing, because I want to actually accomplish what I set out to do, and not burn out by January 5 and have to wait the whole year before starting over again. (Done that, and learned the lesson.)

This year's goals for me are to run another 5k, grow a better garden, keep Christmas in mind all year, and read several books. I ran a 5k the year before last, and then last year I was pregnant, so it's time once again to put on my running shoes. I really detest running, but it's the fastest and cheapest way for me to lose weight and get healthy. Signing up for a 5k ensures that I practice. (Just so I don't lose at the race. I'm competitive.)
I also want to improve my gardening skills. I think I'm going to have to put up some chicken wire around the garden so that the chickens don't eat all of my young plants again. I might try to do that without Jeremy. I wonder if I can. Either that or I can coop the chickens while the plants are young. More than that though, I want to actually grow some food, besides tomatoes and zucchini.

(Those seeds on the left are from Mary's Heirloom Seeds; aren't they cute? (Not an affiliate link!))
I'm leaving my Christmas nativity scene up this year. I need to finish painting it, but I also want to keep in mind that Christmas is coming. I want to be better prepared for gift giving, either by making or buying gifts before December. It takes a lot of thought and searching for the perfect gifts for me, and I'd like to spread that out so that I don't feel so much pressure right after Thanksgiving.
Jeremy gave me three blogging books for Christmas, and I want to finish several history books I started before Noemi was born. And Mom gave me a couple of books for teaching that I've been eyeing. Hopefully, I'll learn a lot this year!
Our family goals are a bit different. Our family word for 2014 was Grace. We learned a lot about Grace. We claimed "give me grace!" in our moments of need. As soon as someone would say "give me grace!" a new attitude would fall over the conversation. It was a code for help. And we also learned to give grace; grace for ill tempers, tiredness, and hormone overloads (that was mostly me, pregnancy is hard). Now for 2015 we've decided to claim Peace. We want the peace that surpasses understanding to inhabit our house. "Peace" will be our mantra. To keep peace, and particularly the Prince of peace, at the front of our minds and hearts. We've already started claiming "Peace!" when arguments, tension, and chaos happens. It automatically quiets us.
And I'm already learning about Peace. Jeremy is trying to teach us what peace is. He pointed out that the true peace of Christ is not subject to outward influence. Meaning, we won't have true peace just because the kids aren't fighting or the birds are walking calmly to the coop. That's how I feel peaceful. But that's not true Peace, so obviously I have a lot to learn. (And I thought we were picking that word for the kids to learn.)

Jeremy is also working to bring our family closer to Christ. (Let me just tell you how grateful I am to have a good husband. It's the most reassuring thing to have my husband think about the spiritual health of our family.) We're talking about how to do family devotions, even though we can't schedule them because his work schedule changes constantly. We usually eat together as a family at least once a day, so we are thinking about adding a come to table devotion at those meals. Meaning, we come to table to eat physical food and spiritual food.

What are your goals for this year? Do you pick out a word for the year? Anybody wanna run with me?

Yea, me neither.


  1. I'm sorry I live so very far away otherwise I would run with you - yeh right just kidding. Thanks for sharing these wonderful personal and family goals at Good morning mondays. My goals are to love my family more and care more for them, dedicate more effort to schooling, get fit and healthy, be prepared and organised, preserve heaps of vegies and fruits. There is so much I want to do but will just have to wait and see what God needs me to do. Blessings

    1. Haha! My sister asked me yesterday if I'd started running yet, and I said "well, technically I said I'd start in January, so I still have 26 more days to start before January is over." Now it's 25, but I'll get there. I love your last sentence. So true!

  2. Lovely work on the nativity! That's going to be a real heirloom when you finish it. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you'll come back again this week for Awesome Life Friday!

    1. Thanks Lynda, it's the same kind my Mom has and I love it. I've had it for many years now, and I really need to finish it!


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