CC Cycle 3 Week 13 ~ The Plan

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So I may have missed a few weeks' worth of plans, but here we are at the start of a new year and new semester, so it's time for me to try again. (At least I had a pretty valid excuse, although beginning Christmas break on October 20 was not my intention. Here's what we did for those last few weeks of CC with a newborn.)

Week 13! Here we go!
CC Cycle 3

Our morning meeting time will be enhanced, I hope, by my own reading. How to teach Your Children Shakespeare was one of my Christmas presents this year. Eowyn really, really loves the Shakespeare books we've read, and I can't wait to keep introducing her to more. While I'm studying my book, we'll read through a couple of Plutarch's lives together. I found this book for the Kindle that looks promising and readable. We'll study Swing Low Sweet Chariot just for fun and to go along with our history work. I think that will give us a good start on our morning meetings; hopefully we'll be able to fit in more of our usual morning meetings in the next week.

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