A Dress and A Shirt!

(This was done and written before Noemi was born. I just didn't get the pictures added until now. Oops!)

I found this lovely and cute pattern on Pinterest and wanted to try it for each girl. (Cute blog too!) I used the blue plaid that was one of Jeremy's button-up shirts for Eowyn's with an old knit shirt of mine for the lining. And then I used the blue floral for the baby's new dress. I modified the pattern for each slightly, but I think they both came out really cute!

For Eowyn's, I switched the open back with an open front, and used the buttons and placket from Jeremy's shirt. I tried to use the sleeves from this shirt to make a peasant dress for the baby, but that hasn't worked out yet. (It's a mess, and I don't know if I'm even going to try to save it!)
For the baby's, I wanted to add sleeves, so that took some thought, but wound up being really easy! I figured since the shoulders came down a bit, the sleeves could look kind of like raglan sleeves. I cut a straight edged sleeve pattern and did the lining too. (I also shrunk the bodice pattern and used the length of an 18 month size pattern to make this a dress instead of a top.)

To add the sleeves, I followed Teri's directions, but sewed the sleeves open to the shoulders after I sewed the shoulder seams. I had two pieces looking like this.

Back to the directions, I sewed the neckline and the hem of the sleeves as pictured here, and then sewed up the bottoms of the sleeves, and miraculously the lining tucked up into the sleeves and I was left with a wearable bodice!

I finished up as per the tutorial, and now I'm just waiting to see if it'll fit the baby!
I think I'm done sewing for a bit. I'm finally "nesting!" Once I get the house cleaned though I won't want to make a mess sewing. If this baby doesn't show up soon, she's not going to come home to a clean house though! (Well, the house was clean, but she made a mess when she came!)

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