A Rooster!

We have a rooster! He started trying to crow this morning. If you can imagine a teenage boy whose voice hasn't changed yet trying to crow, that's what he sounds like. He keeps practicing though! And he seems to clear his throat quite often too. Jeremy and I got a kick out of watching him today. I couldn't get close enough for a great picture of him while he was crowing, but he was strutting and everything.



Cock-a-doodle-cough, sputter, ahem.

Keep it up boy!

He's one of my pretty ones, called a Plymouth Rock, or Barred Rock. And he's got some teal in his tail feathers; it makes him even prettier. You can see the teal in the second picture. I think he knows he's pretty; he didn't mind my taking his picture.

So we're glad to have one rooster, but we really don't want any more. I guess we'll start hearing from any others in the next few weeks though, so we'll see.

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