How to Prepare for Baby #4!

Only a little more than a week until my due date now! Wahoo!

I'm sorry. I know some women love being pregnant (or at least, pretend to, because that's the only way I can imagine anyone being serious about that) but pregnancy is HARD. Not that it isn't completely worth it. But it is hard to deal with, from just about day 1, in every way possible. So at the end of a healthy pregnancy, I get quite excited. (Even all those posts out there that claim to tell you everything there is to know about pregnancy, don't tell you everything. It's even harder than that.)

I can't wait to go into labor. Which is the point of a pregnancy being hard, I think. If it were all gumdrops and lollipops, we wouldn't want to go into labor, which is by far the hardest thing ever.

I'm getting ready for the baby to come home now, though. I've washed the clothes (hoping they are the right color!). We've got the beds ready, although Esmond isn't completely moved out of our room. We haven't used a crib for Esmond; he's slept in a co-sleeper in our room and now has a toddler bed in the kids' bedroom (we have one bedroom that the kids sleep in and one playroom for the toys and clothes). We've been transitioning him to the toddler bed for the last 15 or 16 weeks. Hmm. If it's going to take that long, I don't think it's really transitioning. Jeremy and I laugh so much. At night, Esmond comes into our room and we joke that he says "Sorry guys, I'm not sure how I wound up in the wrong bed again. I'm here now." So we'll see how that pans out. He may need to spend some more nights in our room, either on a pallet or in our bed. Or he may get the hint when we bring home the baby.

(That pillow is Esmond's, we'll take it out when the baby moves in.) (Also, I'm not sure why those blue squares on the quilt look so vibrant. It matches in real life, I promise.)

Anyway, I haven't started really nesting yet. Do you nest on your fourth? I hope so because my house is a mess, but so far it's way too overwhelming to think about. I have nested on some small areas, like our closet and bedroom, the office, Esmond and the baby's shared dresser, and the schoolroom. I need to wash the slipcovers in the living room, but I'm waiting for a sunny day now. I have washed them, about 2 months ago, but as soon as I did Gideon spilled some kind of juice, and then Jeremy spilled coffee on it. So I said, I'm waiting until right before the baby's born to do that again! But now it's time. And the kitchen really, really needs to be nested.

I haven't packed for the hospital, but I never do until labor starts. I have long labors, so I always have plenty of time. (Big babies, small hips. It takes a while to get them out.) We have visited the hospital, found where to park, and preregistered. I like knowing where to go. We talked to some very nice nurses in the maternity ward and found out they are very receptive to a birth plan. The hospital's policy is to take the baby to the nursery right after birth for a while, so they said if we had a birth plan stating the baby needs to stay with me, they will honor that. I've written up the birth plan, and sent it to my doula (who also happens to be my sister). We'll be editing until my next appointment with my midwife and making it just right.

I laugh remembering how I did things with Eowyn. She had stations all over the house; swings, bouncy seats, floor mats, etc. No stations for Esmond or this baby. No swings or infant toys. Poor things. Esmond has been a joy of a baby (a terror of a toddler though), so I'm not worried. I do need to get the car seat out, though, for the car. And rearrange the seating in the van.

So number 4 gets a car seat, a co-sleeper, and some clothes (mostly hand-me-downs). No special detergent or soaps (because we all use the natural, baby safe stuff). No bottles, pacifiers, or even baby food (because we'll breastfeed and let her start eating table food when she's ready). We have some disposable diapers for the first few weeks, but then she'll start wearing her big brother's cloth diapers during the day. (Esmond sleeps in disposables now, I'm assuming she'll do the same.) The blankets I've had since Eowyn was born are ready and washed. (And being used by Esmond already. So I'll have to wash them again.)

Do I sound ready to have a baby in a little more than a week? Not very, huh? Oh well, this IS number 4, so she'll just have to squeeze in and become part of the family. What else do babies need besides Mama's, clothes, and diapers anyway? (Seriously, am I forgetting something?)


  1. You sound ready to me! I'm expecting # 3 and the only reason we have all the "stations" is that baby gear keeps appearing on our porch out of nowhere. (In other words we have generous friends and family, who are ready to be rid of their baby gear!) I have a little over two months to go, so I'm not nesting either, but I still have enough energy that when the mess starts closing in on me I can usually fight back. LOL. I have really quick labors, Big hips--small babies, and usually two weeks before my due date, so I'll plan on having everything "ready" by Thanksgiving. Of course I'll wait until I'm completely out of energy and then hope to nest--which I never had the urge to do with the first two. Enjoy your new little bundle of love. And no, you're not forgetting anything!

    1. Thanks Magi! You're going to have so much fun with number 3! I loved having my third, it was wonderful and so relaxing. You're lucky with the energy and big hips. I have very little energy while pregnant, and my second almost popped my hip out of joint. But they are each worth it! I hope the next couple of months go by quickly and with grace for you. Babies are such a gift. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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