How NOT to Decorate a Cake

Gideon had a birthday! His birthday is at the beginning of September, so we had a family party. We only do big parties once in a lifetime. Because, well, you'll see why.

I had just enough sugar in the house to make Grandma's 1, 2, 3, 4 cake. For birthday's, we make regular sugared cakes. I'm not quite brave enough to offer our family a non-traditional birthday cake yet. (Although, I may be better at making one of those than I am the traditional.)

Gideon wanted a baseball cake. He played t-ball in the spring and loved it. He can't wait to play coach pitch next spring, and even though he is loving soccer right now, he told me when I was signing him up, "Mom, if they need me for coach pitch while we're playing soccer, I'm going to have to go play coach pitch." He-he. So soccer is second to baseball. He makes me smile.
So I planned this baseball cake; shouldn't be too hard, right? White cake (yay for no dyes!) with some icing stiches on either side (dyes in that part though). Seemed pretty straightforward. I have a reputation for horrible cakes though. So I was slightly worried. I have never been able to make a pretty, edible cake. Well, enough excuses, here it is:

Dad called it an alter of death cake. Dad is always my biggest supporter (that was written sarcastically).  I don't know why this always happens to me though! I mean, seriously. One year, for Eowyn's birthday we were driving to my parents house and the cake was sitting on my lap and I watched through my cake box as the top half slid off the bottom half. And I do wait until the cake is cooled before putting icing on it!

Anyway, my awesome kid was pretty happy with it. Of course, he saw it when I had just finished it and it hadn't yet melted into a pool of blood. And he loves me anyway. He said it was awesome. (My poor kids are not, and will never be, allowed to look at cakes and parties on Pinterest. It would only set them up for more disappointment in life. Plus, it's nice that they think simple is awesome. Nice for me, especially.)

It was really bad. Sigh. I will probably never be able to make a pretty cake. I'm, and everyone in my family, is just going to have to accept that. At least it tasted good. And I've made worse before!

But this is my favorite shot from Gideon's night. Look at that face! Such shock and amazement!
He loved it all. He was thrilled with each gift, and all the attention from his family. He even got a box in the mail from his Mimi and Pepa (Jeremy's parents) before we left for the party. He felt pretty special all day, and that's what birthdays are for.

What the cake looks like doesn't matter. Right?

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