First Day of Classical Conversations!

Our first day back with our group was wonderful. We actually made it on time! Maybe this year I won't be chronically late. Jeremy was home to help us get out the door, and I told him we had to be there 15 minutes before we did. So he made it happen! We were still the last ones to get there, but we were early enough to visit and put our things away before the opening session.

Our group has grown this year. It's always so fun to see all those students and moms excited about learning and being together. I love the community we have. Opening session was fun. I told my director that if she wanted us to an opening session, she better assign us one before October. Otherwise, she'll have to wait until the spring. I know how long it takes to adjust to a baby! Done it enough now, I don't anticipate getting much done until then. Ha!

Let's see, after opening session the kids split up to go to their own classes. We meet in our church, which has three floors and thankfully an elevator. I have one kid on each floor, which makes for lots of going up and down. In my condition, it's tough! Gideon is in the basement and my Mom is his tutor. Mom also has two other moms in her class that can help, so this year I don't think I'll be spending much time down there. Eowyn is on the top floor with her tutor Ms. Marie, whom she adores. Marie doesn't have any other moms in her class this year, so I'll be in there to help most of the time. And Esmond is on the ground floor in the nursery with my sister. She occasionally needs an eye while she takes kids to the bathroom, so I try to pop in there a few times throughout the morning.

One good thing about the kids in separate classrooms is similar presentations! Of course, both kids introduced the goats and chickens this year. We discussed what to go over during the presentation and printed off some pictures for them to take. They love presentations. I'm so glad too; when I was growing up I was too shy to talk in front of people. Even though Gideon is more of an introvert, like me, he is still willing and able to speak to people without prompting. I think their presentations have had a huge impact on their comfort zones.

They loved their science experiments; they always do. And Eowyn, who is now on her fifth year in CC, remembered OiLs for art, and her class made their name prints. (Fifth year? Where did the time go?) I love repeating the cycles, Eowyn was so excited because she felt like the new material was so easy to memorize. But really, it's in her head somewhere, just not at the front, and so part of her "memorizing" the new material this year is actually just recalling. We get to see the fruit of hard work from years past! That's exciting.

After class, we went to the park to eat lunch with our group. The park is within walking distance of our church, so it makes for a nice break. (Although, I didn't walk...I'm pregnant. And it was really hot.) I still need practice packing lunches though. (Yes, I know I just said I was on my fifth year. I know I should be able to pack some decent lunches by now.) I forgot to pack drinks, again. I always forget something! So we hurried home afterward and spent the afternoon on the couch drinking water and resting.
We're slowly rolling into our new busy schedule, and I think by next week we'll be doing everything. We started soccer practice last week, we're starting CC, homeschool, and soccer games this week, and next week Eowyn will start piano. We'll have that busy schedule for a few weeks before the baby is born, and then our whole routine will be ruined and we'll have to start again sometime in January, or March. Ha!

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