Weedin' and Plantin'...and Thinkin'

Right after my last post on the garden, it started raining. It was a lot of rain, good for the plants and weeds. And it also soaked everything down so well, we haven't been able to burn the weeds back yet. But we're still working on it! The kids and I have been weed-eating and weeding every morning, trying to keep the weeds low enough to burn once it dries out and Jeremy has an afternoon off.

In the mean time though, Monday was twelve weeks until the first frost in our area. So we needed to get the cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower seeds in the ground. We have enough of an area cleared that won't be burned to do just that. So we got to it! (Which is a nice way of saying I had to keep telling the kids to work; "use two hands," "work hard," "you can't just do the fun things like planting the seeds until you've done the hard work." I really hope these lessons are learned at some point.)

So, here we are digging some trenches. We had a late start, so it was already pretty hot at this point. That was one of the reasons for the laziness.
Finally, we got the hard work done and started dropping our seeds in. Esmond helped, too. So who knows where we'll find some plants popping up?

And then we stuck some leftover saplings in the ground to mark our rows.
Gideon did some good hole digging at this point. He said Daddy taught him how. Maybe Daddy needs to teach everyone how to weed too.

In all seriousness, I do want the kids to learn to work hard, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. I hope farming and raising animals will help. They love to do parts of the work, like planting and collecting the harvest, but we all have to learn to do things that we don't want to do. And it's hard these days, with so many distractions that tell them to just play, have fun, be kids. I'm reading a book, that I'll post about when I finish, about how the Greeks and Romans raised and educated their kids. Children were taught, not to play, but how to be adults, because that is the goal for every child. Not to avoid adulthood as long as possible, but to become an adult as soon as possible; dependable, knowledgeable, and wise. I imagine less mistakes would be made in our younger years if we were all trying to be adults with the responsibilities, rather than kids with adult powers.

So that's got me thinkin'.

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