I've tried many years now to make good dill pickles. I have failed miserably every time. I took the year off last year out of resignation, but this year my hopes are renewed and my determination is strengthened. (Will that result in some good dill pickles? Who knows!)

First thing I did was to enlist Grandma to help. Grandma has been making pickles for a while now, but has always had trouble with dill, too. Here's my beautiful Grandma:

Then both of us started researching. The kids and I watched YouTube videos, I read things online. Grandma called the local extension office, talked with her friends, and found recipes. Then we tweaked the recipes with Grandma's experience. We soaked the cucumbers in lime until they crunched.
 Eowyn and I washed them three times, per Grandma's instructions.
The next parts I didn't take any pictures of because I forgot, but we packed the jars with our cucumbers, spices, and poured the brine over them. We gave them a water bath to seal the jars, and voila! we have 14 pints of (what we hope taste like) dill pickles. We'll be able to taste them in two weeks. Here's hoping!
Next up in the pickling line-up was some bread-n-butters. I don't like bread-n-butter, but my husband decided he wanted some. So when your husband does this for you:
And asks for some bread-n-butter, you make some bread-n-butters, even if it does make your house smell awful. These had to soak in salt for a few hours, with some onions.
Then I put an obscene amount of sugar with some vinegar and spices in a pot. This was a bit tricky, because the recipe said to scald the pickles, but don't bring to a boil. It's one of those things that I'm never sure about. How can you tell if something is about to boil? So when I saw the first bubble, I pulled it off the heat. Scalded!
This was my helper during this process. And this face is a lie. He was fussing and yelling the whole time because everyone else was outside. Then when I said, "Let me take a picture of how you are helping Mommy with all that non-sense!" he promptly grinned for the camera.  He's a punk.
After reviewing his picture, he continued with the outrage. So I packed the pickles in the jars, a very messy undertaking. And sticky! That sugar made everything feel like cotton candy that's been chewed on.
 Another water bath for these jars,
 And done! 6 pints of bread-n-butter for my husband.
 He's really excited about them. I'm not so worried about failing these because Mom used this recipe a year or so ago, and it worked fine. But there's always a chance, since it is me who is doing the pickling.


  1. Looks delicious! Are you going to post the recipe?

    1. We get to open them up tomorrow, so I'll see if they taste good before sharing the recipe...fingers crossed!


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