CC Cycle 3 Week 3 ~ The Plan

Eek! This is getting harder the farther away we get from week one!

Our morning meeting time will stay consistent, except that we'll start a new artist, which is James Peale and probably a new hymn as well. I think we'll add Amazing Grace to It is Well and Be Thou my Vision. We'll do our memory work during this time by singing the timeline song, and the history song. I'll use flash cards for our Latin vocabulary, signs for our science, and songs for math. I have some state flash cards we may use for our states, but English grammar is usually just speaking. In other words, no fun. I don't think this is a bad thing, some things we have to learn aren't fun to learn, so that's an important lesson. And sometimes learning is reward in itself. I'm also going to be working really hard with Eowyn to make sure she has a good grasp on all 3 cycles' English memory work, because she begins Essentials next year. The memory work will help her much more than if I tried to introduce grammar to her now. So we memorize and when she has organic questions about sentences, words, etc. I explain. So far, even though I have been trying to introduce grammar to them for a while now for understanding, the only thing either of them has remembered is homophones. For some reason they think homophones are awesome. Very rarely do they correctly identify a homophone though. They have even gotten their Daddy, who has a very Southern accent, try to find some homophones. His input was "fill" and "feel." And when he says them, they do sound a like!

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  1. Wow, Jennifer! You are such a superwoman-supermom! And expecting, too!?!? Congratulations! (And now I am in more awe!) The math game download is wonderful - thank you! We at one time had guineas, but then... it became the Guinea Gaffe. Look forward to reading more of your posts! Thank you for linking up!

    1. Nonono, not a super-woman, just a regular one. If I could fly, then maybe! The expecting part keeps me especially grounded. Thanks for the kind comments!


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