Amazing Fried Green Tomatoes

One of the best parts of growing tomatoes is fried green tomatoes (and there are tomato sandwiches, and BLTs, oh!, and grilled cheese tomato and basil sandwiches! On sourdough bread!). Jeremy has perfected his recipe for fried green tomatoes with a wet batter. We've had them 3 or 4 times already this year. I hope we leave some green on the vines until they turn red.

All of our kids love fried green tomatoes, which seems a little crazy to me. I wouldn't eat them until I had been married for several years. I ate tomatoes, but just the kinds that are pureed into ketchup or spaghetti sauce. Jeremy has expanded my tastes quite a bit. I had no idea how good some things could taste.

Anyway, Jeremy has been playing around with a wet batter for the fried green tomatoes because it sticks better. Coconut oil crisps it up very nicely, and we dry them for a bit on a rack. These don't need any kind of dip; they are delectable just the way they are. (But some homemade ranch is perfect too!)

The Recipe:

3/4 c. cornmeal
1/4 c. flour
1 T. seasoned salt (Jeremy uses Lawry's)
1 t. pepper
1/4 t. garlic powder
1/4 t. onion powder
1/4 t. chili powder
1/4 t. dry mustard
1/4 t. cayenne pepper

Mix all the dry ingredients together.

3/4 c. milk
1 egg
1/4 c. honey

Whisk the wet ingredients until the egg is beaten, then combine with the dry ingredients.

Slice the green tomatoes evenly (about 1/4 in. thick), toss in the batter, and fry in hot coconut oil. 3-4 minutes on each side. This is enough batter for 6-7 big green tomatoes.

Here's the printable!

If you try this recipe or have questions, let me know! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Mmmm... these look and sound amazing! My grandma loves her fried green tomatoes and whenever I make her some I use an old family recipe, but I think I need to try yours out - I love that there is honey in it.

    Visiting from JES's blog - have a beautiful day!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! They really are good with the honey, Jeremy knows what he's doing in the kitchen!

  2. Oooh I will definitely be giving this a try! I just found your blog today - and I am having fun reading your posts. Your kids are adorable!

  3. You know, I have never tried fried green tomatoes! But they do look good how you made them... I think I would have to dip them in my kefir based ranch though... :) Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Please join in again next week~~

    1. They are good with some ranch, but you really don't need any dip with these. They are yummy! Thanks for reading!

  4. I have always wanted to try fried green tomatoes & I love that this recipe will be so easy to convert to gluten & dairy free! Yummm! I guess I know what's on next week's menu! :)

    1. Let us know how you like it! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Believe it or not. I tried them for the first time this spring. The worst part Gasp! With store bought! Oh my but they were great. I just used cornmeal but your great tutorial and recipe looks yummy. I'll try it when I get some more tomatoes! I live in an apartment now and sooooo miss the life I used to have so great posts like this make my day! Thank you for sharing your world. Your Blessed and you Bless.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Glad you're enjoying our little world. Let us know if you enjoy the recipe!

  6. These look fantastic and I have tried them earlier in the year when our tomatoes were still growing but they didn't look as good as this. Thanks for sharing this with us at Good Morning Mondays. I can't wait until the tomatoes start growing again to give these another go. Blessings


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